‘World’s worst cat’ Perdita finds new home after purrfect publicity campaign

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The bad-tempered feline, who apparently likes prowling in dark corners, ended up being a viral experience after shelter authorities stated her a jerk

Any human branded “a jerk” on social networks would appropriately take offense. Perdita, formally the “world’s worst feline” according to animal shelter authorities in North Carolina who were attempting to re-home the bad-tempered cat, used it as a badge of honour.

On Saturday, as an outcome of among the best feline rescue marketing tactics of perpetuity, Perdita discovered herself on her method to a “permanently home” in Tennessee. She chose a brand-new name, Noel, however likewise with the very same testy manner that made her a viral experience in the very first location, with more than 10,000 Facebook likes and her own hashtag of #worldsworstcat.

In its newest post on the social networks platform, the Mitchell county animal rescue group of Spruce Pine revealed the “bittersweet” news that Perdita/Noel had actually discovered brand-new owners determined just as Joe and Betty from Monroe county.

“They love her and she endures them,” the post stated, discussing that the stroppy feline declined to posture for the standard adoption picture and rather ranged from the space roaring.

The group stated it had actually gotten 175 applications to embrace Perdita given that presenting her to the world 10 days earlier with descriptions of difficult behaviours consisting of “prowling in dark corners” and “looking into your soul up until you feel as if you might never ever feel joyful once again”.

With dislikes stated to consist of Disney films, kittycats and the colour pink, the feline was likewise referred to as a master of deceptiveness.

“We believed she was ill,” the post stated. “Turns out she’s simply a jerk.”

The rescue group wishes to capitalise on the promotion by discovering houses for other animals in its care, consisting of Edgar, a rotund orange tabby who shares an affinity for “connecting and touching somebody”.

Perdita’s web fame looks set to continue, with an Instagram account established to chronicle the next chapter in the life of the fractious feline.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2020/feb/01/worlds-worst-cat-perdita-north-carolina

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