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Bachelor in Paradise is the good news is over, however following the previous entrants’ every relocation is an activity that is only simply starting for the majority of us Bachelor fans. Which leads us to today, where it seems like every Bachelor in Paradise alum remains in Paris today. Of all, I’m going to Paris in 2 months, so I feel upset that they could not simply wait for me to be there too. We might have consumed white wine by the Seine! Whatever. More notably, why the hell are they all in the exact same European city? When 5 of my pals individually all go to Positano the very same week, it advises me of. Is it simply a huge coincidence? How did they all choose to go to the exact same location at the exact same time? Exists an annual top that I’m not welcomed to, where influencers satisfy to choose the next Instagram location? These are the important things that will keep me up during the night. (Just kidding, my debilitating sleeping disorders does that all by itself!) And while I can’t respond to why apparently everybody on your feed is taking a trip to the very same 5 Mediterranean cities this year, I can inform you why all the Bachelor in Paradise individuals remain in Paris today.

What’s Going On In Paris Right Now?

First things initially, it’s presently Paris Fashion Week. Beginning on Monday, September 23 and going through October 1, the City of Lights will be crawling with influencers and wannabe fashionistas (much more so than it is typically). Scene-wise, it’s a great time to be in Paris today. It’s the ideal season to be and see seen. Weather-wise, it’s likewise a quite great time to be there– the projection is hovering around the high 60s, low 70s (though it is expected to rain, which draws). The weather condition has definitely nothing to do with when Paris Fashion Week is, which I’m sure is figured out by the ghosts of Coco Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld , I’m simply stating that it’s an extra appeal aspect.

So now let’s enter who from BiP remains in Paris and why the heck they exist.

Hannah G and Dylan

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jet lagged breakfast, strolls in the rain, din by the eiffel tower , &now seeing king kong. my kinda paris sundayyyy

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