Where Would Your Favorites From ‘The O.C.’ Be Today? Betches

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August 5th is the 15th anniversary of the most essential tv program of perpetuity: The O.C. The program premiered 15 years earlier, so f * ck, we’re old. Here’s our take on exactly what our preferred degenerates would be up to registered nurse. We did it partly for #content, partly since we desire a reboot because those are all the rage, and primarily due to the fact that we desire Mischa Barton to stop living off of joblessness checks since our woman requires a task.


Summer ultimately returned to Brown after exploring the nation to motivate college kids to vote. She likewise got tossed out once again for objecting Meat Mansion, a brother home at Brown that really exists, for hosting offensively themed celebrations and getting the SWAT group required getting too rowdy with it. Oh well. She wound up going on a vision mission with a Shaman in Peru that was life-altering– so life-altering that she chose to begin her own way of life brand name, la Gwyneth Paltrow. While evaluating out a 2 month clean for her way of life website, she eliminated Adderall and wound up growing 6 inches taller. Okay thinking about Adderall is the only factor she entered into Brown in the very first location



Oliver ultimately left Betty Ford. His moms and dads purchased him admission to St. Paul’s, an elite boarding school in New England that actually needs a huge income as an application. He then went on to Harvard, which needs a 2.5 GPA at St Paul’s and another huge income for admission. He studied federal government and went on to sign up with the Trump administration. He invested sufficient time on the weird underbelly of the web to understand to purchase bitcoin and is an active individual in incel Reddit. He now is the happy owner of Bentley’ s first van that is completely not for kidnapping unwary females. He adoringly calls it the “ ski lodge ” due to the fact that of all the drug that’ s done there and has a” Saturdays Are For The Boys” flag as its only design due to the fact that, like I stated, he’ s an incel.

Taylor Townsend

Who cares?


Kaitlyn wound up taking a “ space year ” or 3 after finishing from Harbor since she was associated with the 2010 Bling Ring. She deceived her escape of prison time since she offered out Alexis Neiers, who was so strung out that she didn’ t even do anything. Kaitlyn got probation as a plea deal. Too edgy for California, Kaitlyn went off to Gallatin at NYU. Undoubtedly, considering that it’ s Gallatin, she didn ’ t choose the intent to study anything. She went to socialize with Cat Marnell and her pals. She wound up being the motivation for the book White Girl Problems, however that didn’ t even total up to any royalties for her. She endlessed up finishing from NYU. Her only specialty is that she was the one that composed that deluded Refinery29 cash journals post, and want to thank Bullett for supporting her extravagant way of life.


Marissa wound up fabricating her own death– for the attention, naturally. She, too, wound up relocating to NYC to go to Parsons for some amorphous degree that truly doesn’ t have any worth. While at Parsons, she interned at way of life site Guest of a Guest, where she’d participate in New York Fashion Week celebrations, club openings, and galas. She wound up ending up being editor-in-Cheif of among those way of life sites for trust fund infants. She handed over all of her responsibilities to Cat Marnell wannabes, debutantes, and striving social media influencers while she private yacht takes a trip and hops around Europe with whatever sugar daddy she satisfies at NYC society occasions. Word is she and Serena van der Woodsen are beginning a sweatshirt line together.



Unlike Summer, Seth completed his degree in Rhode Island. He stayed loyal to her the whole time. Other than for that a person time he got stoned, crashed a celebration at Meat Mansion, and consumed a whole tray of sushi off of the human sushi plate the men employed from Providence College. Seth and Summer transferred to Silicon Valley to be near his moms and dads. He assisted Luke Carmichael begin a dating app to this day cougars.

Sandy and Kirsten

Sandy and Kirsten got tired with Berkley, due to the fact that university student make any town suck after a while. They moved back to Orange County to pursue 2 of Sandy’ s most significant enthusiasms: eyebrows and dining establishments. With thicc eyebrows remaining in once again, Sandy ended up being Instagram popular and began his own eyebrow assessment organisation. He likewise began that dining establishment that Caleb eliminated from him once again. Andy Cohen dropped in while going to a young boy toy in the location and enjoyed the dining establishment. He likewise enjoyed Sandy’ s complete eyebrows, luscious locks, and sassy mindset, and believed he would make an incredible male Lisa Vanderpump. Now Sandy Cohen and Kirsten have a Vanderpump Rules design truth program. Unfortunate for a man who was constantly determined on never ever offering out, however come on, how could he not when his household and he constantly brought the drama?



Julie Cooper Nichol-nearly Cooper-almost Roberts-nearly Atwood-or-Bullett wound up not weding Bullet (since he drew) or Ryan’ s papa(since that was weird as well as he drew). She finished from college with a degree in marketing since that’ s what celebration women get as degrees typically. She went to Seth to begin a dating app for cougars, however as it ended up, Luke currently began that app with Seth. It undoubtedly resulted in a couple of dalliances with Luke, since as Buddha when stated, “ Once the d * ck goes into any of your holes, it is extremely simple for it to return to. ”(Okay, Lala Kent from Pump Rules stated that). While in Silicon Valley going to Luke, she fulfilled her dearest partner, who is some sort of tech billionaire. They relocated to Monterey, where Julie made such an impression on the neighborhood that she will have a character based off of her in the next season of Big Little Lies.


Ryan Attwood developed an actually effective realty business where they constructed whatever from low-income real estate to workplaces to McMansions for the elite. He delegated begin a charity called “ White Knights Anonymous, ” which is when a wealthy white chick with a coke issue and daddy concerns presses a button whenever she’ s in the smallest quantity of difficulty that she got herself into so that a previous member of Seal Team 6 or Rumble boxing trainer can punch out their criminal while yelling “ Welcome to the O.C., b * tch. ” These volunteers are entirely confidential when asked, “ Who are you? ” they are contractually bound to address, “ Whoever you desire me to be. ” And if this causes sex in a lifeguard shack, so be it. Ryan invests his leisure time looking after his foster child and brooding.


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