‘Walking Dead’ Might’ve Spoiled A Twist About Rick Grimes’ Death

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We get it. Things aren’ t looking terrific for Rick Grimes .

The last we saw him, Andrew Lincoln ’ s character was riding around on his white horse, a la Khaleesi , attempting to lead the zombie herds far from the extremely ill camp they’ ve all constructed, where everybody gladly gets along throughout the times when there’ s not a mutiny.

But Rick’ s horse got scared when another big zombie herd appeared, tossing him off so strongly he gets impaled by some metal standing out of concrete debris. Rick lost consciousness as the 2 big herds closed in.

It wasn’ t suitable.

It sure looked like a cliffhanger. We’ re heading into Rick’ s last episode. “ Walking Dead ” may ’ ve currently ruined how Rick makes it through the most current mayhem.

In a trailer that aired at San Diego Comic-Con over summertime, a couple of various shots may have handed out Rick’ s fate. I ’ ve searched video from the previous Season 9 episodes and can’ t discover the scenes anywhere, which leads me to think they’ ve yet to air.

One of the minutes is a fast clip in which Rick seems getting up as a zombie techniques, acquiring awareness in the nick of time to perhaps prevent an attack. (Hey, it might simply be Norman Reedus stirring him up in the early morning to state hi. I’d lean towards the previous.)

Another shot reveals somebody in boots, dripping blood out all willy nilly, apparently strolling on that bridge Rick cared a lot about constructing all season. If those are Rick’ s boots, it implies he in some way selected himself off the metal bar that impaled him. As long as he’ s had his tetanus shot, our kid’ s got an opportunity!

It likewise plays into the next shot from the trailer.

OK, the coup de grâ ce. There ’ s no concern who we ’ re taking a look at in this one. It ’ s Mr. Grimes preferring the side of his bodythat ’ s been spouting blood all over. He’ s simply chillin ’ on the bridge while his pals go to the rescue. Yay!

But wait. They can’ t pertained to the rescue. We’ ve been informed over and over once again in AMC marketing that Rick is off the program and next Sunday’ s episode is his last .

Lincoln just recently composed a long bye-bye letter to the media, in which he waxed poetic on his “ wild flight. ” So what offers?

AMC/HuffPost picture
Andrew Lincoln’s bye-bye letter.

There are a couple of possible responses.

If these trailer shots do ruin what’ s occurring in Episode 5, it’ s possible they are all simply Rick’ s hallucination as he ’ s passing away. The discount for Rick ’ s last episode revealed him reviewing some previous “ Walking Dead ” areas, which might be part of a fever dream. We likewise understand a great deal of previous characters are appearing on the program in Season 9, consisting of Jon Bernthal’ s Shane and Scott Wilson ’ s Hershel . Characters on “ Walking Dead ” have actually hallucinated on death’ s doorstep previously, and it’d make good sense to consist of a few of those returning ones in Rick’ s sendoff.

To top it off, whatever about these shots appears a lot like “ An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge. ” Just as the Confederate plantation owner because late 19th-century narrative wrongly thinks of getting away the noose, maybe Rick is thinking of getting away the zombies when he’ s in fact set to end up being a buffet. Oh, and there’ s a bridge.

If the shots wear’ t total up to a hallucination, Rick’ s story might be left open-ended.

At San Diego Comic-Con , Lincoln stated his relationship with Rick is far from over . His letter to the press ends with the expression, “ Until our courses cross once again. ”

If Rick ’ s story is exposed, maybe he slips into a coma from the blood loss, leaving the program the very same method his character was available in.

My individual theory is that the group of individuals who’ ve been running the strange helicopter entrusted Jadis ( Pollyanna McIntosh ) with recording victims as an experiment. The hostages are intentionally contaminated with the zombie infection, and after that utilized as test animals for a remedy. As part of the experiment, the group requires the victims they identify A (Alphas?), since they are presumed to be strong enough to endure a bite. Rick is definitely an A, so it would make good sense that the helicopter individuals would try to conserve him, were he bitten by a zombie, in an effort to advance their experiment.

Or there’ s likewise this unusual yet fantastic theory from a Reddit user declaring the helicopter individuals are real helicopters, like the automobiles in Pixar films:

Five helicopters will surround Rick’ s passing away body, and they ’ ll describe theycan conserve him, however they ’ ll requirement to alter him. Keeping back tears, Michonne concurs, and the surgical treatment starts.

Later, Rick awakens, and he’ s alright, today he ’ s a helicopter too. He and the other helicopters fly far from Alexandria and into the sundown. As he flies away, Maggie states “ I think in Copter Grimes.”

Is it a hallucination? Is it actual helicopter individuals? Will he roll under a dumpster at the last minute? We’ ll learn next Sunday. Till then, Copter Grimes.


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