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ViddSkippy Gives You…

In Video Ads | Live In-Video ‘Clickable’ Links | Multi Video Ads in 1 Video | Website Hijack




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Amazing Features

Legally Profit From Any Video & Website (other peoples)

Use Other Peoples Videos from YouTube, Vimeo or MP4

Add Multi Instream / Pre Roll Video Ads, Live Clickable CTA’s, Opt-In Forms & More

Share on Other Peoples Websites, Your Websites & Social Media

Multiple In Stream Ads in 1 Video (all clickable)

YouTube style In-stream ads

Multiple Ads in 1 Video

Live In-Stream CTAs


How Can Vidskippy Help You & Your Business?

The New, All-In-One… Dual Video & Website Jacking Software & Profit System

If you’re an Internet Marketer…
Add VS2.0 projects to authority sites in your target market… plus: social media.

You’ll instantly engage your audience, you’ll boost sales, drive more traffic and gain more lead signups… all from someone else’s videos & websites

If you’re a Social Media Marketer…
Use Vidskippy 2.0 to promote absolutely and sell anything via social media with our 1 click share option.

VS2.0 instantly deploys a dynamic thumbnail with a play icon stamped and a description to Facebook, G+ and Pinterest

1 click on that thumbnail opens up your VS2.0 video in full screen mode… it contains your video ad (or multiple ads), CTA or whatever elements you added, and most importantly it contains your clickable Call to Action (Your Link).

If You Run a Small Offline or Brick-and-Mortar Business…
Showcase your Products and Services… Capture leads… Offer Quotes



What You Get With ViddSkippy
  • Get Lifetime Access to V I D S K I P P Y 2.0 Today with our ‘New Release’ Discount


Turn Other Peoples Videos and Websites Into Your Own Sales Machines… In Minutes
Legally & Ethically… 3 Steps:
YOU CAN NOW PROFIT from someone else’s Product, Video & Website… and it’s all totally legal…

You want to make as much income as possible for tiniest amount of work in the shortest period right?… There’s nothing wrong with that… believe me, you’re not alone.
And… you’re in the right place!

Using VS2.0 is like stealing other people’s videos and websites to generate online profits for yourself (Only… It’s legal)… You’ll never need to make another video or build another website again… VS2.0 is now a Complete Income Solution.


Your Ad, Your Message & Your ‘Clickable’ Link Inside Someone Else’s Video & On Someone Else’s Website… In 2 Minutes


VS2.0 Will Change the Way You Market Online Forever
VS2.0 Eliminates Expense and Hassle… Normally Associated with Online Income Generation


In-Video Ads: Clickable Links…Run Video Ads Free…

Get ViddSkippy Today for Just £60

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