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Video Subtitles

YouTube Video Subtitles, YouTube Captions, YouTube Closed Captions, YouTube CC, or YouTube Transcripts.

Whatever you call it – these things are very important to Video SEO.

Video SEO Tip that will help get your videos discovered and watched online.

At this time, search engines like Google can’t really understand what is being talked about in a video. That is where YouTube Subtitles, or what is officially known as YouTube Captions come to the rescue! When you add Subtitles known as Captions to a video, you are in essence giving the search engines something they can crawl or understand, namely TEXT.

Search engines, like Google, still LOVE text – even though people love Video!

These YouTube Captions, also called YouTube Closed Captioning or YouTube CC for short, not only help out search engines like Google, but they help the hearing impaired, as well as those that may speak another language – because you can make the YouTube Subtitles do a Translation for you into many other languages.

This article will serve as an introduction to the Video SEO Value of Video Subtitles or  Captions.

The final result will be Video Subtitles or  Captions that give your online video a wider reach as well as feeding valuable textual information to search engines that boost your Video SEO efforts.

So, whether you watch the step by step how to make YouTube Captions Video or not, you should start using Video Subtitles or Captions in Your Videos so you can help those videos get found in searches online.


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