Trump, GM awkwardly silent on new Cadillac presidential limousine

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The greatly armored cars and truck is the outcome of a four-year, $15.8 million GM job, and is among the most state-of-the-art lorries on the planet. The agreement supposedly covers a fleet of about a lots similar lorries.

But neither Cadillac nor the White House declared its arrival. Aside from an action to a Fox News concern published to the personal Twitter account of GM’ s head of item preparation and Cadillac, Mark Reuss, stated “ Very happy with our group. #America #Cadillac, ” there hasn ’ t been a peep from the car manufacturer. And its release was just tacitly revealed in a U.S. Secret Service post.

Even the Tweeter in Chief, who when commissioned a line of “ Trump Edition ” Cadillac limos , hasn ’ t typed a character about it – even as he has actually utilized the platform to scold GM for its current service choices.

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This remains in plain contrast to 2009, when the first-generation Beast was revealed ahead of its official launching at Obama’ s inauguration with a prolonged news release , accompanied by main images from GM.


“ As Americans commemorate the inauguration of a brand-new president of the United States next week, another brand-new Cadillac will grace Pennsylvania Avenue to lead the procedures. President Barack Obama will ride in a brand new Cadillac Presidential Limousine, continuing a long custom of Cadillac limos that have actually served numerous U.S. presidents, ” it checked out.

“ Cadillac is honored to once again offer a brand-new Presidential Limousine, ” composed then-Cadillac manager Mark McNabb. “ This is a fantastic American custom that we ’ re happy to restore with a brand new vehicle including the very best of Cadillac ’ s significant style and innovation. ”

A Cadillac representative validated the business won ’ t be putting out comparable statements this time around.

“ We are unable to comment. This is all done through the Secret Service, ” he stated.


But while the technical information of the limo are supersecret, there are no guidelines that avoid Cadillac from promoting its participation -as it did the last time. Why isn ’ t it taking higher benefit?

“ The distinction in between Obama and Trump is the distinction in between dayand night. Typically speaking, being related to Prez Obama was usually favorable. Being related to Trump is dangerous biz, ” Michael Bernacci, a marketing teacher at the University of Detroit Mercy, composed in an e-mail.

Sam Abuelsamid, a senior expert at Navigant Research, concurred.

“ I’m really not shocked that GM is keeping a low profile this time, ” he stated. “ Making a huge offer about it risks of a reaction from either or both sides of the political spectrum. ”

Things are extremely various over in Russia, where President Putin has actually been heading out of his method to promote his brand-new Aurus limo , even taking it for a spin himself on a Formula One track.

It ’ s the flagship of a brand-new brand name of high-end lorries established by the Russian federal government for usage by authorities and offered commercially, perhaps to other presidents.


Trump ’ s limousine is specifically for usage by the executive branch-andisn ’ t even based upon a retail Cadillac design. While it ’ s been developed to like a sedan,it ’ s developed on a truck chassis and utilizes the headlights from a Cadillac Escalade. That was likewise realof the 2009 edition.

“ I do not believe that there is much of an item halo to be acquired from this specific car, given that it truly does not share anything with any production Cadillac, ” Abuelsamid stated.

Cadillac’s U.S. sales are flat this year, and it will be getting rid of 3 of the 4 existing sedan designs by the end of 2019. That would leave it with simply one in display rooms, in a lineup of SUVs. The White House did not react to an ask for talk about this report.

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