This 4th of July, Americans are fighting over what ‘American’ should mean

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(CNN)When President Donald Trump provides his military-themed “Salute to America” on Thursday, he’ll stand in front of the Lincoln Memorial, where the words of President Abraham Lincoln’s biggest speech, his 2nd inaugural address, are engraved in stone.

For Trump’s speech, there will be American flags all over. Depend on it. It’s not out of the concern that he will sidle up and hug one, something he’s done prior to .
Most Americans (70%) stated they were very or really happy to be Americans in a yearly Gallup survey launched this week. That sounds terrific other than that the 45% who stated they were exceptionally happy is the most affordable considering that Gallup began asking the concern on the Fourth of July– in 2001, as it occurs.
      Trump’s flag hug goes viral

    The Betsy Ross flag, with its circle of 13 stars for the initial 13 Colonies, is called for the potentially apocryphal story of the seamstress who made it.
    The occurring outcry was led by McConnell, who stated Tuesday that “If we’re in a political environment where the American flag has actually ended up being questionable to Americans, I believe we’ve got an issue.”
    McConnell is intriguing on this concern. He’s a fantastic advocate of complimentary speech, be it in the kind of project dollars or flag desecration. He is a prominent voice versus a constitutional modification to prohibit flag burning.
    In truth, back in 2006, the Senate stopped working by one vote to support a change to forbid flag burning. McConnell cast that vote. He was among 3 Republicans to vote no. Of the others, previous Sen. Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island lost a reelection project and is no longer a Republican, and Bob Bennett of Utah lost a main. He has actually given that passed away.
    McConnell can manage what the Senate votes on, so it’s not likely he’ll enable a proposition presented last month by fellow Republicans to vote once again on an anti-flag-burning modification to reach the Senate flooring, although Trump is all in favor of it.
    “All in for Senator Steve Daines as he proposes an Amendment for a strong BAN on burning our American Flag. A no brainer!” Trump tweeted on June 15, the day after Flag Day.
    Nike’s choice, which a spokesperson stated was made to not anger individuals commemorating Independence Day, triggered Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey to transfer to draw back tax rewards the business was set to get for opening a plant. It’s a twist on liberal efforts to pull company from states transferring to limit abortion rights.
    Then California’s Gov. Gavin Newsom and New Mexico’s Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham advised Nike their states are open for organisation.
    Trump Jr. picked up an opening to connect Nike to the developing Republican allegation that Democrats are pressing socialism with the propositions for nationalized healthcare and trainee financial obligation forgiveness. He tweeted a thought of set of Nikes emblazoned with the Soviet flag.
    It should not be lost in all this that while Kaepernick is used as a Nike spokesperson, he no longer gets to be a football gamer– while nobody is kneeling throughout the National Anthem prior to NFL video games any longer.
    Similarly, it was Megan Rapinoe who knelt prior to United States Soccer video games in uniformity with Kaepernick, who was attempting to make a point about social and racial justice. That ended after the United States Soccer Federation voted practically all to need gamers and personnel to stand throughout the anthem.
    This week, Trump, the purveyor of nationalism, took part a Twitter war with Rapinoe after the release of a video in which she stated she would not be checking out the “f *** ing White House,” although she didn’t anticipate Trump to welcome the group if it won the Women’s World Cup last.
    That fight simmered– Rapinoe scored 2 objectives after he stated she needs to end up the task and win the last prior to speaking about White House invites. She was then benched with a moderate hamstring pressure and seen while her colleagues beat England.
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