The Top Reason Not to Ditch an iPhone for Android? WhatsApp

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My partner just recently made the leap from iPhone to Android . “ So how do I get my WhatsApp messages from my old phone to my brand-new one? ” they asked quickly after setting the brand-new phone up. “ Simple! ” I chirped. “ You simply restore it from your backup. ” How incorrect I was. It ends up your WhatsApp chat history– all those countless messages and pictures– can ’ t be moved in between os.

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This story initially appeared on WIRED UK .

It’ s among those simple-sounding concerns. And it should simply work? You’ ve got a backup someplace in the cloud, so why can’ t you download it onto a various os and take your archive of messages, images and videos with you anywhere you go, forevermore? You may presume WhatsApp is WhatsApp no matter whether it’ s on Android or iOS– well, ends up it isn ’ t.

Pop the dilemma into an online search engine of your option and you rapidly discover yourself drowning in a complicated slurry of improperly composed detailed guides, the majority of which are technically unreliable or simply downright deceptive. I’ ll extra you the headache and distress: you can’ t do it. It is presently not possible to move your WhatsApp backup from Android to iOS and vice versa.

Except you can. If you’ re going to utilize third-party software application and follow a series of fiddly, complicated actions. Do you actually desire to hand over your entire WhatsApp chat history to a piece of software application called WazzapMigrator? No, believed not. And yet here we are. If you’ ve invested years sending out personal messages, videos and images over WhatsApp on your iPhone, then you ought to hesitate about changing to Android.

The world’ s most popular messaging service, with more than 2 billion users, has a rather complicated defect. Why? According to WhatsApp, it’ s since of a technical knot that’ s fiendishly hard to unpick. “ There is a distinction in the formats in which the information is saved in the Android and iOS apps, as the database schemas are various, ” a representative describes. On an iPhone, iOS supports WhatsApp talks to iCloud. On Android, backups go to Google Drive. And the 2 systems wear’ t like speaking with one another.

Simply put, the 2 backup formats are totally various to one another. That’ s mainly down to security. Develop a backup for WhatsApp on an iPhone and the file is produced to be firmly kept on iCloud. Do the very same on Android and the file is produced to be safely kept on Google Drive. As the 2 systems have various security requirements, it isn’ t presently possible to move one backup to another operating system.

“ It is technically possible, however it is not supported today by WhatsApp provided the distinction in information formats, ” the representative discusses. When asked if a service remained in advancement, the representative stated the business does not talk about “ future items ”.

No huge offer? Incorrect. The transfer to more personal social networks usage– driven primarily by Facebook’ s personal privacy record– implies WhatsApp has actually ended up being a social media. Albeit one where you can more quickly select who you show. It’ s where images of wedding events, vacations and household parties are shared. It’ s where weekend strategies are hatched and old good friends who now live far are communicated with. And while a great deal of those messages are short lived, the videos and pictures we share together with them are a sort of journal. Where when that would have played out more openly on Facebook or Instagram, it’ s now shared on WhatsApp.

There ’ s another concern bubbling here: what do you make with all this things you'&#x 27; re collecting? Those countless videos, images and messages extending back for several years won’ t be around permanently, yet we feel forced to hoard them for as long as we can. When you move running system feels harsh, being required to desert your WhatsApp history.

Cloud storage and the relative ease with which our phones allow us to hoard every element of our lives has actually made it nearly unimaginable that we’d ever discard a piece of information. We’ ve invested years gathering all of it– there’ s a lot of it– that doing anything besides pulling it in addition to us up until we pass away feels unconscionable. Or, you understand, WhatsApp might simply make backups work cross-platform. The existential angst may fade away.

This story initially appeared on WIRED UK .

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