The podcast for women… that’s a hit with men

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Image copyright Radio Stakhanov
Image caption Laura Kirk and Laura Gallop are 2 buddies returning through their teenage journals

Remember the time you were 13 years of ages and fantasized about sixth-form kids, found out the tough method about phony tan application and were consumed with having the very best MySpace page in your year?

Berkhamsted Revisited is a podcast journey down memory lane for those who matured in the 2000s. It handles the experiences of 2 ladies, as they recall over their collection of teenage journals.

Two females in their mid-20s read the cringeworthy information of their developmental years in the Hertfordshire town, however the unexpected feature of this podcast is that most of listeners are guys.

“Looking at the statistics, the split is approximately 70/30 male to woman,” states Laura Kirk, teenage diarist and among the 2 speakers of the program.

Perhaps not unexpected considered that the production originates from the exact same steady as the long-running podcast The Football Ramble, which has actually reached number 3 on the iTunes charts.

“We’ve had a little bit of promo from those men,” states Kirk, “however that male listeners have actually remained listening is unexpected.

“The things we’re discussing – we’re not censoring it in any method. In our very first episode we were speaking about tampons! I believed at that point a great deal of guys would have turned off.”

Far from it.

Speaking to the BBC, Kirk states most of individuals connecting with her and co-presenter Laura Gallop are guys, informing them what does it cost? they take pleasure in recollecting over their own teenage years.

A fast look down the program’s Twitter feed suggests simply what does it cost? males are caring Berkhamsted Revisited.

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