The internet reacts to new Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser

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Image: nintendo

Reggie Fils-Aim is retiring as president and COO of Nintendo of America, Nintendo revealed Thursday, and Doug Bowser is taking control of.

Yes, his surname is Bowser. Yes, individuals are making jokes about it.

Bowser, who was formerly Nintendo of America’s senior vice president of sales and marketing, is entering huge shoes. Fils-Aim filled that function for 13 years, rapidly ending up being a much-beloved face of the business in the West.

There’s a great deal of individuals online that are both shocked to hear that Bowser’s surname is in fact Bowser and they’re responding with suitable humor.

Some individuals are having a difficult time thinking he didn’t alter his name to curry favor with Nintendo.

The jokes are so apparent that they grew a little old prior to they even had an opportunity to get off the ground, however it’s still an amusing coincidence.

Bowser is, certainly, conscious that his name triggers alarm bells. When he initially signed up with the business 4 years earlier, here’s the image of him that Nintendo shared.

He’s taking the entire Bowser thing to heart.

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