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The best and worst merch of the 2020 presidential campaign trail

Hideous Merch 2020 Image: ; mashable composite: shutterstock; JOHNDELANEY.COM; JOEBIDEN.COM; MARIANNE2020.COM;  In case you haven’t heard, a bunch of people are running for president. There are already more than 20 candidates campaigning for the 2020 election, which means the American people have a lot of policy positions to research, a lot of campaigns […]

Is it OK to post about weed on your Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook?

420 BLAZEIT SEND TWETE !!!Image: vicky leta / mashable art team It’s 4/20 baby!!! It’s Saturday, you’re lit, brain perfectly calibrated to toasted, sparking your joy, blowing smoke rings so on point it feels criminal not to share on your Instagram story. But something stops you from posting. And it […]

Snapchat celebrates Black History Month with virtual museum

Image: Mashable Composite/Dr. Bronner’s Whether it’s Lil Debbie shilling out relationship guidance or Sunny D sparking a discussion about anxiety , modern brand name Twitter can be a dark and dismal location. Nothing feels more negative than when a brand name appropriates the standardized millennial voice — paradoxical, removed, dejected […]

These are the most popular pizza toppings in the U.S.

Have you invested throughout the day viewing the Cohen hearing, ending up being more tired with each passing minute? Here is a guy who likewise appears worn out, other than — unlike you, probably — he got captured on a live CBSN cam consuming pizza in a corridor. Luckily for […]

Daniel Radcliffe’s favorite ‘Harry Potter’ film

Image: Jason Merritt/ Katherine Frey/ getty images A fantastic Girl Scout understands her clients really well — what offers much better than creative puns and shirtless superheroes? Look, the free enterprise is difficult, and when every other kid in your school is likewise hawking their sugar-laden items, you need to […]

Nike’s ‘Dream Crazier’ ad is an empowering visual love letter to women

“If we reveal feeling we’re called remarkable. We’re nuts if we desire to play versus males. And if we imagine level playing field, delusional,” the voiceover in Nike’s brand-new advertisement, entitled “Dream Crazier,” starts. The empowering video — which debuted throughout Sunday night’s Oscars and is voiced by Serena Williams […]

What happens to your body when you eat spicy food?

Let the bloggers blog.Image: Enrique Das / 7Cera / Getty Images Every so often, someone will act very angry online because a recipe they clicked on has “too much text.” They wanted to make mushroom ravioli, but instead had to scroll through a bunch of words about what mushroom ravioli […]

T-Series is actually the best thing to happen to PewDiePie

YouTube'' s most-subscribed channel, PewDiePie, is larger than ever thanks to a competition with India-based video production business, T-Series. Image: J. Countess/WireImage PewDiePie simply exceeded a brand-new YouTube turning point, and he has T-Series to thank for it. Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie simply struck 80 million YouTube customers on Monday. […]

Windows is giving away ugly holiday sweaters with the Windows 95 logo on them

Miss you, Windows 95. Image: Wikimedia commons I dislike that I like it. In a pun-filled tweet, the Windows Twitter account revealed that it’s handing out a choose quantity of “unsightly sweatshirts” decorated with the blocky Windows 95 logo design. SEE ALSO: No, you do not require an iPhone X […]

In a year of reckoning for YouTube, some good stuff also happened on the platform

Image: Getty Images 2018 was not what you would call a great year for the world’s largest video platform, nor for some of the influencers who use it to make a living.  Case in point: the Logan Paul incident. The YouTube star caused widespread anger when he uploaded a video […]

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