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Twitter’s Disinformation Data Dumps Are Helpfulto a Point

In October 2017, Twitter basic counsel Sean Edgett dealt with hard concerns from the Senate Judiciary Committee about foreign disturbance in the 2016 election. Flanked by agents from Facebook and Google, Edgett described how Russia’ s Internet Research Agency (IRA)had actually methodically spread out phony news and stired partisan belief […]

Is it OK to post about weed on your Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook?

420 BLAZEIT SEND TWETE !!!Image: vicky leta / mashable art team It’s 4/20 baby!!! It’s Saturday, you’re lit, brain perfectly calibrated to toasted, sparking your joy, blowing smoke rings so on point it feels criminal not to share on your Instagram story. But something stops you from posting. And it […]

These are the most popular pizza toppings in the U.S.

Have you invested throughout the day viewing the Cohen hearing, ending up being more tired with each passing minute? Here is a guy who likewise appears worn out, other than — unlike you, probably — he got captured on a live CBSN cam consuming pizza in a corridor. Luckily for […]

What happens to your body when you eat spicy food?

Let the bloggers blog.Image: Enrique Das / 7Cera / Getty Images Every so often, someone will act very angry online because a recipe they clicked on has “too much text.” They wanted to make mushroom ravioli, but instead had to scroll through a bunch of words about what mushroom ravioli […]

People behind Facebook’s latest hack reportedly motivated by financial rather than political gain

Facebook huge hack was the outcome of spammers desiring loan, obviously. Image: Alberto Pezzali/NurPhoto by means of Getty Images Facebook’s most current hack had the details of 29 million users scraped, however obviously by fraudsters desiring monetary gain, instead of for ideological or political functions. The Wall Street Journal pointed […]

Twitter may be making it harder to find far-right trolls in search results

Is Twitter taking a stand and demoting its worst users? Or is this just a temporary bug that'll soon place far right trolls back in your search results?Image: Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images Twitter may not be outright banning its most toxic users, but it appears to be making it […]

The 2 painfully obvious features that would make Instagram perfect

Image: vicky leta/mashable It’s been said, many times, but it’s worth repeating: Instagram’s algorithmic timeline is a steaming pile of nonsense. SEE ALSO: Instagram is actively ruining my life with its inhumane algorithm The photo-focused social network replaced its chronological feed with an algorithmic one back in 2016, meaning the […]

This SEO online course was made for beginners and it’s only $11

Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable’s commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. Search engine optimization is something we seriously can’t seem to get away from — whether we like it or not, it’s […]

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