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VR is helping amputees feel their prosthetics as if they belonged to their bodies

VR pornography is gradually improving. Image: BOB AL-GREENE/ MASHABLE ART TEAM May is National Masturbation Month, and we’re commemorating with Feeling Yourself, a series checking out the finer points of self-pleasure. When VR was tech’s castle in the air years earlier, individuals’s minds cut loose picturing all the brand-new methods […]

Pornhub is now selling porn star socks for, well, whatever kind of workout you want

Image: pornhub Everyone has their own methods of self-care and self-love, and Pornhub has decided to kill two birds with one stone with their latest offering: athletic socks.  SEE ALSO: Pornhub gives free Premium access to cities with sexy names Featuring adult film stars Asa Akira, Madison Ivy, and Jonny […]

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