Tag: machine learning

Alphabets AI Might Be Able to Predict Kidney Disease

Google has a solution for the creaking inadequacies of modern-day health care: push notices. No, not those irritating suggestions to practice your Arabic lesson on Duolingo or sign up for a brand-new Lyft offer. Google is wagering its informs can conserve your life. The business is constructing an artificial-intelligence-driven system […]

A Device to Detect ‘Aggression’ in Schools Often Misfires

This story was co-published with ProPublica. Ariella Russcol focuses on drama at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in Queens, New York, and the senior’ s efficiency on thisApril afternoon didn ’ t dissatisfy. While the library is usually the quietest space in the school, her raucous screams sounded […]

An AI Pioneer Explains the Evolution of Neural Networks

Geoffrey Hinton is one of the creators of Deep Learning, a 2019 winner of the Turing Award, and an engineering fellow at Google. Last week, at the company’s I/O developer conference, we discussed his early fascination with the brain, and the possibility that computers could be modeled after its neural […]

RankScience closes $1.8M seed and now only wants to replace human SEO staff if you dont have any

A couple of years ago YC-backed RankScience, which offers AI-enhanced SEO split-testing, put a few SEO experts’ noses out of joint when the fledgling startup brashly talked about replacing human expertise with automation. Two years on its pitch has mellowed, with the team saying their self-service platform is “augmenting human […]

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