Tag: Coronavirus outbreak

Revealed: leader of group peddling bleach as coronavirus ‘cure’ wrote to Trump this week

Mark Grenon composed to Trump stating chlorine dioxide can rid the body of Covid-19 days prior to the president promoted disinfectant as treatment The leader of the most popular group in the United States peddling possibly deadly commercial bleach as a “wonder treatment” for coronavirus composed to Donald Trump at […]

I have about $80: how eight people spend their money during lockdown

People from various strolls of life inform us how the crisis is (or isnt) impacting them economically, from remaining at a turn to declare joblessness C# SEEEE oronavirus isn’t simply a public health crisis, it’s a financial one. The monetary effect of the pandemic hasn’t been equally dispersed. While a […]

Eerie quiet but no panic as rural France enters lockdown

A week into coronavirus measures, shelves are full and physical distancing is taken seriously One week into the national coronavirus confinement and parts of rural France are even more eerily quiet than usual. The A6 Autoroute de Soleil that heads out of Paris to the south-east to join the A7 […]

Spain’s streets turn eerily quiet following coronavirus lockdown

Transformation of usually bustling Madrid and Barcelona spooks the few residents and tourists to venture out Spains usually teeming streets and bustling landmarks have come to a standstill after the Spanish government imposed a nationwide near-lockdown in hopes of tempering a coronavirus epidemic that has spiralled into one of the […]

Sport’s role as the great distraction reluctantly cancelled but it will be back | Barney Ronay

The charm, the grace, the fundamental satisfaction of sport will stay untouched though assistance requires to go to everybody, not simply the loudest A nd, breathe. Ideally, it goes without stating, into an uninhabited area. At the end of a week when the sporting news cycle has actually appeared to […]

Tokyo Olympic flame left flickering as virulent ill wind gathers pace

Officials persevere in their belief that the Tokyo Olympic Games will proceed in July however the scenario is presently beyond anybodies manage I t was a scene that might have been directed by Cecil B DeMille. On the stillest of Thursday early mornings in Olympia, on the website of the […]

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