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‘World’s worst cat’ Perdita finds new home after purrfect publicity campaign

The bad-tempered feline, who apparently likes prowling in dark corners, ended up being a viral experience after shelter authorities stated her a jerk Any human branded “a jerk” on social networks would appropriately take offense. Perdita, formally the “world’s worst feline” according to animal shelter authorities in North Carolina who […]

New York: senators condemn company’s doors-off helicopter rides for dogs

FlyNYON, associated with 2018 crash that left 5 individuals dead, slammed for enabling pet dogs on flights with doors open or eliminated The New York-area helicopter business associated with a helicopter flights with the doors opened or got rid of, the Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer, stated on Sunday. Flights […]

Why nightingales are snubbing Berkeley Square for the Tiergarten

Scientists, consisting of a descendant of Charles Darwin, are looking into the birds choice for Berlin T hey were when amongst Britain’s many cherished vocalists, their “whisperings musical” offering melancholy poets solace in their darkest hours. These days the world-famous warblers are more most likely to be discovered jamming with […]

This pug video is the best illustration of Plato’s ‘Cave Allegory’ ever.

You might think that a cute, thirsty pug has very little to do with Classical Greek philosopher Plato.  But this particular little pug who just wanted a drink ended up being the perfect visual representation of one of Plato’s most well-known allegories, “The Allegory of the Cave.” SEE ALSO: Friendly […]

Friendly reminder: There are a lot of soothing dog show videos on YouTube

Good dog.Image: ATLGAN OZDIL/ANADOLU AGENCY/GETTY IMAGES Hard Refresh is a soothing weekly column where we try to reset your brain and cleanse it of whatever terrible thing you just witnessed on Twitter. In my opinion, one of the only reasons for YouTube to still exist is animal videos.  Otherwise a […]

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