T-Series is actually the best thing to happen to PewDiePie

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YouTube'' s most-subscribed channel, PewDiePie, is larger than ever thanks to a competition with India-based video production business, T-Series.
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PewDiePie simply exceeded a brand-new YouTube turning point, and he has T-Series to thank for it.

Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie simply struck 80 million YouTube customers on Monday. The accomplishment marks the very first time any YouTuber has actually reached this turning point. PewDiePie, the platform’s most widely known (and most questionable) computer game vlogger, has actually been involved in an intense competition in current months with a video channel from India, T-Series. Both wish to be YouTube’ s most subscribed channel. His fans have actually waged war versus the Bollywood channel and have actually taken extreme steps attempting to assist PewDiePie.

While the 2 channels are still fighting it out for YouTube supremacy, PewDiePie and his fans really have T-Series to credit for reviving his channel. Yes, PewDiePie has a big, hardcore fan base, however prior to T-Series’ ascendance, his development was slowing as he dealt with scandal after scandal. Mainstream brand names like Disney had actually deserted him. Even YouTube ignored its most-subscribed developer in its YouTube Rewind video in 2018 and 2017, indicating the platform was purposefully neglecting him and preferring a brand-new class of valuable developers.

And, yes, the war in between PewDiePie and T-Series has actually definitely seen some gray-hat methods accepted to pad customer counts. This is still a crucial minute for PewDiePie, who desires absolutely nothing more than to stick it to his critics.

In December 2016, PewDiePie reached an outstanding turning point. He ended up being the very first YouTuber to strike 50 million customers. At the very same time, he stated he was going to erase his channel, a vow that ended up being a marketing tactic. The Swedish developer didn’ t go through with it and continued submitting videos.

Throughout 2017, PewDiePie hovered in between 50 and 60 million customers. It took the developer the whole year to acquire another 10 million customers. More than 12 months later on, PewDiePie lastly went beyond the 60 million turning point in mid-January 2018.

PewDiePie formally began the fight with T-Series in September of in 2015. Kjellberg’ s channel was hovering around 66 million customers when he submitted a video notifying his fans of T-Series. He cautioned his customers that the Bollywood video production business was hot on his path and near to taking his crown.

Based on the 2 channels ’ rate of development at the time, it looked like T-Series would emerge the victor prior to Halloween. PewDiePie beat T-Series to the 70 million customer mark in November. It took PewDiePie less than 11 months to get 10 million customers for this turning point.

Months after T-Series was anticipated to blow previous PewDiePie, the developer still has actually the most subscribed channel on YouTube. On Monday, PewDiePie struck 80 million customers. This time around it took simply under 2 months to grow another 10 million customers.

PewDiePie’s regular monthly customer gains has actually escalated in the wake of his fight with T-Series.


The abrupt revival of interest in PewDiePie can be traced back to the video where he shined a light on the hazard of T-Series ’ development. It rallied his soldiers. According to SocialBlade, a business that tracks social networks analytics, PewDiePie’ s customer gains took off in the months following the T-Series video. PewDiePie went from getting more than 855,000 customers in the month prior to the video to protecting almost 2.2 million brand-new customers in the month after. Last month alone, PewDiePie’ s channel grew by more than 6.2 million customers.

PewDiePie’s competition with T-Series has actually supplied the YouTube developer with a surge in month-to-month video views.

Image: socialblade

There’ s no doubt that PewDiePie had a dedicated fanbase even prior to T-Series presented a hazard. SocialBlade’ s chart envisioning the last couple of years of analytics for PewDiePie’ s month-to-month video views looks like a roller rollercoaster flight. That is, up till the T-Series fight that brought PewDiePie a brand-new high of more than 500 million views last month.

PewDiePie has actually definitely benefited from the minute. He’s upped the competition and composed a rap tune, “ bitch lasagna, ” calling out T-Series. In early October, he launched a video for the diss track. Simply 3 months later on, at almost 94 million views, its PewDiePie’ s most seen video of perpetuity. The video has practically 10 million more views than PewDiePie’ s second-most enjoyed clip, a five-year-old video montage.

In light of his misdeeds, PewDiePie has actually had the ability to utilize his race with T-Series to not just grow his channel, however to amass press. His competitor is a tradition brand name in India, a nation with a population of 1.3 billion and growing. T-Series, a real business with several workers, in some cases publishes as much as a half-dozen extremely produced Bollywood video a day to its channel. PewDiePie, the specific YouTube material developer, is the underdog in this battle.

How does the fight in between PewDiePie and T-Series end? And how far do PewDiePie’ s fans go to keep their preferred developer set down atop YouTube’ s most subscribed list? At this moment, it’ s anybody ’ s think. T-Series is presently simply over 700,000 customers behind PewDiePie. His fans have currently hacked printers and Google Chromecasts to promote his channel. As T-Series even more intrudes on PewDiePie’ s customer count, what follows?

Looking at the present list of most subscribed YouTube channels, a various concern enters your mind: How crucial is customer count anyhow? After PewDiePie’ s 80 million and T-Series ’ 79 million customers, no other developers come close. The channel “ 5 Minute Crafts ” is a far-off 3rd with 46 million customers.

How numerous of those individuals will really see either channel ’ s videos? The number of those accounts are in fact genuine? Has the customer metric been watered down? These are genuine concerns to think about as we wait on a clear winner to emerge from this fight, if one ever does.

But, something is specific: T-Series is really the very best thing to take place to PewDiePie.

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