‘South Park’ takes on ‘The Simpsons’ in ‘The Problem with a Poo’ but what does it mean?

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“”The Problem with a Poo” “is an episode of”South Park” “that will decrease in history. For what?
Image: Comedy Central

South Park Season 22 has actually unquestionably gone through a transformation. Hilariously, no one can concur on what that alter methods, or what it even is.

Nothing exhibited that more than the most recent episode, “The Problem with a Poo.” A conclusive juncture for a program that’s been through the TELEVISION equivalent of a quarter-life crisis over the last few years, the controversial episode will definitely decrease in history.

But what, precisely, it will be kept in mind for stays to be seen.

On the surface area, it appeared like company as typical when Mr. Hankey (yes, the Christmas Poo) appeared with a timeless, “Hidey ho!” The episode title and occurring character arc, which ended with a call to #CancelTheSimpsons, exposed that it was taking on much more than fart humor.

Namely, it handled the whole principle of “ cancel culture .” With direct recommendations to the debates around Roseanne Barr , Brett Kavanaugh, and the continuous argument over whether The Simpsons‘ Stereotypically Indian Apu character has a location in our existing culture , it dove in face.

But in what is possibly among the program’s biggest tasks in trolling, nobody can find out which “side” South Park is really promoting for. Which’s the whole point.

In the episode, Mr. Hankey, who (like Apu in The Simpsons) is an unrefined antique of an old South Park age, is being pressed out of the Christmas pageant by the town due to issues of bad representation. He does not react well to these criticisms, shooting off unbelievably offending tweet storms at everybody from grade school kids to the mayor — prior to blaming Ambien and doing it once again anyhow.

Kyle is the just one in the area ready to get “smeared” by defending this actual piece of shit, and as Cartman cautions, “Good luck with that in 2018.” Sure enough, this escalation ends with Mr. Hankey battering the third-grade kid attempting to assist him, prior to getting tossed out of South Park since he’s too distressing to the (once again, actual) PC infants.

That summary may seem like a recover for South Park, after a couple of seasons of explore serialization and after that preventing the issue of Donald Trump .

But the 3rd episode of Season 22 continued its subtle yet unique subversion of expectation. For the very first time, South Park appears to be truly engaged with questioning its own location in the present cultural environment. The #CancelTheSimpsons was really an extension of the season’s #CancelSouthPark marketing project , a hashtag likewise playing into the program by appearing at the end credits of each episode up until now.

Many have actually been left questioning what this attempt to “cancel” South Park methods. It might simply be more normal fuck-you humor — or it might be a sign of a big juncture for the animated TELEVISION legend.

Arguably, both “The Problem with a Poo” and #CancelSouthPark project is including a meta layer of indicating to South Park‘s social commentary that’s never ever existed in the past.

And it’s a gamble with a prospective to settle as much as its transfer to serialization did.

No one can make claims about a cumulative season this early. For a program that’s understood for reacting to the weekly cultural zeitgeist, the subject matter in Season 22 took a tough turn into the evergreen rather: school shootings, predatory Catholic priests, public debates that took location months earlier.

Previously, we would’ve anticipated South Park To do a whole episode on the Kavanaugh hearing. Now, it just referrals topical problems in passing, rather setting its sights on even larger fish.

It’s not simply the concerns, either. The more indefinable modification to South Park depend on a shift in mindset. Each episode’s takeaways, while definitely less specific than its more typically smarmy lethargy, are now determined, genuine, evasive, and bafflingly well balanced.

At times, this hard-to-pin-down modification in viewpoint feels wishy-washy. It can drift on being too “both sides”-ish to stomach. Is the program condemning The Simpsons for its abysmal action to the Apu cultural criticism , or is it having compassion with the ever-present hazard of being mobbed by performative political accuracy?

Hilariously (and most likely intentionally), both sides of the Apu dispute translated the episode in a manner that fits their worldview on the concern. And if that isn’t the most apt 2018 meta commentary to ever exist, we do not understand what is.

In a now-deleted tweet, Hari Kondabolu, the comic behind The Problem with Apu documentary, stated, “Did @SouthPark simply side with me? WHAT IS HAPPENING? #CancelTheSimpsons #PleaseDontThough.” His critics were fast to notify him he ‘d missed out on the point and really, he was the sobbing PC child.

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But to price estimate Mr. Hankey’s last words of knowledge to Kyle, “We can all be shitty in some cases. “Sure, some cases of shittiness are worthy of cancellation. As the newscaster states about the erasure of the cherished Christmas Poo from South Park, we likewise get captured up in providing”ourselves a part on the back as we as a society attempt to sweep away all the poop. ”

South Park has constantly had a sometimes infuriatingly libertarian supremacy that permitted it to position itself above polarizing sides of an argument. This is various.

By revealing the faults of both sides, it’s not promoting for indifferent ridicule. It’s asking its audience to feel sorry for why everybody is so heated, upset, horrified, and tired by the experience of living in 2018.

Listen, there are sufficient criticisms to be imposed versus this relocation.

Arguably, there is really little happy medium to fairly base on at this time. And the”brand-new” South Park may fizzle more than normal, or be too scared to state much of anything conclusive like it utilized to(for much better or even worse ).

But, if we ’ re being generous, the developers may’ve likewise simply upped the ante on what the program can state about a time of overall disingenuousness.

Is this a brand-new period of self-questioning, earnestness, and (attempt we day )maturity for South Park!.?. !? It may be.

Or, you understand, it might simply be an actually great poo joke.

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