Scientists explore Antarctic lake ‘twice the size of Manhattan’ buried under 3,500 feet of ice

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Scientists in Antarctica effectively reached Mercer Subglacial Lake on Dec. 26. (&Reuters)

Scientists in Antarctica got a special present this holiday: access to a mystical lake buried under more than 3,500 feet of ice.

It took about 2 days of drilling to reach Mercer Subglacial Lake on Dec. 26, the Subglacial Antarctic Lakes Scientific Access(SALSA ) revealed in a post .

A group of scientists– that includes 45 researchers, drillers and other employee– with the company had the ability to send out an instrument down a borehole the next day, recording uncommon video of the body of water which is”two times the size of Manhattan ,” according to the journal Nature . They will likewise decrease a from another location run automobile down the hole to record more video footage and take more comprehensive measurements.

The group prepares to study the depth, temperature level and tidiness of the lake over the next couple of days.


“ We put on ’ t understand what we ’ ll discover, ” John Priscu, primary researcher for SALSA, informed ecological news website Earther Monday. “ We ’ re simply finding out, it ’ s just the 2nd time that this has actually been done. ”

The SALSA group flew to Mercer Subglacial Lake on Dec. 19 and started drilling days later on, on Dec. 23.

“Part of the drilling procedure includes tasting the drill water to check its tidiness.The water has actually been checked two times so far, and both tests revealed the water was ‘as tidy as filtered water can get’, in the words of SALSA PI Brent Christner,”SALSA discussed.”The drill water is gone through filters that capture 99.9 %of particles and germs. “

The company has actually arranged a minimum of 8 days committed to tasting the lake’s water and sediment, a previous article states .

Priscu informed Earther scientists want to get more details about life that exists countless feet under ice, noting it will take years to study all the samples they gather.

“ We ’ re knee-deep ideal [now] tasting the inmost standing water body people have actually ever accessed below Antarctica, ” Matt Siegfried, a glaciologist and SALSA member, informed Earther. “ [] it ’ ll spend some time to process what the ‘ most ’ interesting part [is] ”

Mercer Subglacial Lake was very first found by means of satellite more than a years back, according to Nature. There are apparently around 400 lakes concealing underneath Antarctica’s ice sheets.

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