Pennsylvania woman says contact lens caused rare infection that led to ‘stabbing’ pain, possible blindness

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Are contact lenses the brand-new plastic straws?

Environmentalists state flushing contact lenses down the toilet includes plastic waste to the oceans.

A Pennsylvania female is blaming polluted contact lenses for spreading out an unusual infection that’s threatening her vision and triggering a throbbing discomfort.

Tori Gasho, 22, began seeing problems with her ideal eye quickly after finishing college at the start of the summertime. Ever since, her sight has actually just gotten worse — and now she’s concerned she might lose her vision because eye entirely.

” [It’s] sort of like a stabbing sensation, sort of like there’s something in my eye,” Gasho explained to WPVI .


Gasho was just recently identified with Acanthamoeba Keratitis — a severe condition brought on by small amoebas called Acanthamoeba that contaminate the covering of the cornea, inning accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

These kinds of amoebas are typically discovered in big bodies of waters such as lakes or oceans, however they can likewise take a trip through the air and seep into soil, the company notes.

“It’s all over, it’s in routine faucet water, swimming pool water, the ocean, it’s truly all over the location,” Christopher Rapuano, chief of the Cornea and External Disease Service at Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia, informed WPVI.


People who use contact lenses are most likely to contract the infection. In the United States, approximately 85 percent of Acanthamoeba Keratitis cases include contact users, the CDC last reported in 2012 .

“Things like not cleaning up contact lenses effectively, oversleeping contacts is a huge no, no. Swimming in contacts is a huge no, no. Showering with them is not fantastic either,” Rapuano cautioned.

The finest method to prevent getting an infection is to correctly clean your lenses with contact service — never ever faucet water — daily, the CDC recommends.

The infection can be tough to deal with, though there are a number of medications readily available to those with the infection. The medication should be recommended by your optometrist, who will develop a rigorous course of treatment that might last a number of months.

Gasho recognizes she has a long roadway to healing ahead of her. For now, she simply hopes to “get [ her] eye open” and “see a little.”

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