North West Attended JoJo Siwas Sweet 16 & We Have A Lot Of Questions

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Guys, I have a really pushing matter to talk about, and no, it’ s not how I’ll enjoy Noah Centineo’ s brand-new Netflix film today while at work. I’m going to stream it on my phone, duh. I’ m discussing the budding relationship that’ s occurring in between JoJo Siwa and North West because, y’ all, I ’ m alarmed.

For those of you who put on ’ t invest their time IG stalking the well-known relationships of celeb generate and for that reason have no concept what I’ m discussing, congratulations. You’ re not much better than me. For those of you who do understand what I’ m discussing, then you understand that North West, coming off the high of her very first publication cover , just recently did a collab with YouTube character, and the human personification of a Limited Too surge , JoJo Siwa. Well, it was less of a partnership and more of simply JoJo revealing North her space, that includes a bedazzled slide and a huge furry indication that checks out “ JoJo ’ s Juice, ” and me weighing the benefits and drawbacks of calling kid protective services. I think the 2 of them truly struck it off however, due to the fact that North AND her cousin Penelope both participated in JoJo’ s sweet 16 on Tuesday , and truthfully we have a great deal of concerns.

Before we begin hypothesizing regarding why a sixteen-year-old would welcome a crowd of kindergarteners to her birthday celebration, I believe we require to evaluate this picture from stated celebration:

First of all, Penelope is looking at the cam like she believes she ’ s much better than this, and she is. North, bear in mind. Second of all, why do the ladies who do not even have their developed teeth yet look more fully grown than the one who is turning 16? Hmm? RESPONSE ME THAT. In general, I discover this photo extremely disturbing, and not even if JoJo is dressed like an additional on the set of The Wiggles . On your 16th birthday you need to be slipping cigarettes in a Wawa car park, not amusing six-year-olds! It ’ s simply not! Like, does anybody else seem like something a little dark is occurring behind the scenes here? There were far a lot of kids at that celebration for an almost-adult to welcome, and I was getting some unique Leaving Neverland vibes from this entire thing.

This ended up being significantly evident when I saw a picture of JoJo Siwa with her previous cast-mates of Dance Moms . Enjoyable truth: back when JoJo was a real kid, she was among Abby Lee Miller’ s elite dancers on Dance Moms . Post-show, the majority of those ladies have actually attempted to shed their child-star images by screening Instagram’ s nudity policy one thirst trap at a time, and I understand this due to the fact that I follow every one of them (and am an active member in Chloe’ s virtual book club) . This is not so for JoJo Siwa! While her good friends, who, I advise you, are the very same age as her, are actually dressed like Merriam Webster’ s meaning of “ jailbait, ” JoJo is presenting beside them like their clown-obsessed associate they were required to socialize with since their mamas still believe they’re pals.


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Girls simply wish to have a good time!!!

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