North Carolina mom warns of popular ‘Roblox’ video game after 7-year-old’s avatar ‘violently gang raped’

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A North Carolina mommy is sharing a story about the popular video game Roblox.(Roblox)&

class=”speakable”> Amber Petersen was relaxing in bed with her 7-year-old child recently, enjoying her play the popular kids’s computer game”Roblox”on her iPad when she saw a troubling screen on the screen.

Her baffled child, Brooklyn, stopped briefly and revealed her mama the screen, which Petersen states revealed a female avatar– her child’s character– being”strongly gang raped”on a virtual play area by 2 male avatars.

“Words can not explain the shock, disgust, and regret that I am feeling right now, however I ’ m aiming to put those sensations aside so I can get this cautioning out to others as quickly as possible,”Petersen composed in a Facebook post. The post had actually been shared more than 7,000 times since Friday afternoon.


The Raleigh, N.C.-based Petersen took screenshots of the occurrence and shared them online. Petersen stated the pictures reveal her child’s character being attacked by 2 male on a spot of lawn as a female observer gets on her body.

Petersen instantly protected her child from the graphic scene, though she&confesses she captured the start of the supposed sexual act.

” I am shivering to consider what type of damage this image might have on her mind, along with other kid that might possibly be exposed to this,”Petersen continued, including that Roblox has security settings that enable moms and dads to obstruct outdoors discussions or invites from complete strangers.

At the time, Petersen thought she changed the security settings to optimal personal privacy on her child’s Roblox account.

(Credit: Roblox)

“Or a minimum of we believed we did,”Petersen stated.

The 35-year-old Petersen is advising others to take a more detailed take a look at their security settings along with display activity on the user-generated online video game prior to permitting their kids to take part.

“I prompt you to rethink at the security settings on all your gadgets and carefully monitor your kid if you enable them to continue playing video games with online platforms such as Roblox,”she included her Facebook post.”Better yet, maybe you can join me in taking the rest of this summertime to challenge your kid to put away their screens and check out.”


” Roblox,”which boasts about being the “# 1 video gaming website for teenagers and kids”on its site and is established by the Roblox Corporation, had about 50 million active users in 2017.

“Every day, virtual explorers concern Roblox to develop experiences, play video games, function play, and find out with their palsin a family-friendly, immersive, 3D environment,”Roblox describes on its website .

Last year, “Roblox”users developed 11 million titles .

“Roblox” informed Fox News Friday night it was” annoyed”after finding out about the occurrence and blamed the violent run-in on a”bad star”who has actually because been eliminated from platform. The video game Brooklyn was playing was apparently suspended.

“We have actually recognized how this bad star produced the upseting action and are putting extra safeguards in location to lower the possibility of this occurring once again in the future, a”Roblox”representative stated in a declaration by means of e-mail.” We have absolutely no tolerance for this habits.”

The business verified it has actually consulted with Petersen and stated it’s working along with her to inform moms and dads about online security.

” Our operate in guaranteeing the greatest level of security on Roblox stays our leading concern,”the business included.

Jennifer Earl is an SEO editor for Fox News. Follow her on Twitter @jenearlyspeakin .

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