Nike’s ‘Dream Crazier’ ad is an empowering visual love letter to women

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“If we reveal feeling we’re called remarkable. We’re nuts if we desire to play versus males. And if we imagine level playing field, delusional,” the voiceover in Nike’s brand-new advertisement, entitled “Dream Crazier,” starts.

The empowering video — which debuted throughout Sunday night’s Oscars and is voiced by Serena Williams — goes on to call out a multitude of gender-based double requirements and expressions utilized to put down females who aim to accomplish achievement.

“When we mean something, we’re unhinged. When we’re too great there’s something incorrect with us. And if we snap, we’re hysterical, unreasonable, or simply being insane,” Williams continues, while video of a few of the world’s biggest professional athletes — all of whom occur to be ladies — plays in the background.

Turns out, individuals stated it was insane for females to run marathons, box, dunk, coach an NBA group, contend in a hijab, land a double cork 1080, or “win 23 grand slams, have a child, and after that return for more.” (Looking at you, Serena.) You understand what? According to Nike, “it’s just insane up until you do it.”

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