My deep dive into one of the largest dark web hacking forums | Dylan Curran

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I invested 3 weeks studying FreeHacks, among the dark webs greatest platform for hackers. From passports to charge card, absolutely nothing is safe

T he darknet (or dark web) is among the most interesting vestiges of mankind we’ve ever seen. It’s an aggregated overload of all the darkest elements of web activity– kid abuse images, drug markets, weapon stores, gore smut, taken product, anarchist guides, terrorist chats, identity theft, hacking services …

I’m going to concentrate on the most powerful of these tiers– hacking services.

I invested 3 weeks equating and studying FreeHacks, among the biggest hacking online forums on the web. It’s a Russian neighborhood which intends to jointly collect its resources in order to take full advantage of effectiveness and understanding dispersement.

It works the like any normal online forum, you open TOR(a specialized internet browser for searching the dark web), paste in the URL, and arrive on a web page with different sub-forums split into various classifications. The classifications are well-divided and diverse:

  • Hacker world news
  • Humor
  • Hacking and security
  • Carding (taking charge card and aiming to cash them out on the web)
  • Botnet (a network of bots utilized to send out and take information spam, or carry out DDOS attacks)
  • Electronics and phreaking (phreaking is aiming to break somebody’s security network)
  • Brutus (software application utilized to break passwords)
  • DDOS (frustrating a server with demands to shut it down)
  • SEO-optimization
  • Shows
  • Web advancement
  • Malware and exploits
  • Personal software application
  • Clothes market (individuals who utilize taken charge card to purchase clothing and resell them)
  • Financial operations
  • Paperwork (passports, driving licenses, citizenships)
  • Blacklist (a neighborhood judicial system).

As you can see, this online forum covers an excessive quantity of prohibited activity. The whole online forum remains in Russian– and has about 5,000 active members. This is simply the pointer of the iceberg, too; every sub-forum is divided even further into lots of other sub-forums. To record whatever here would take me a minimum of 6 months and incorporate a complete book.

u-responsive-ratio”> A A screen grab of the online forum. Picture:-screengrab

When you try to sign up on the website, you’re consulted with an objective declaration of sorts– a strange reason approach for their own prohibited activities. It appears paradoxical and pathological; these hackers who basically make money to make life harder for individuals attempt to validate it with a seductive pronouncement.

The word ‘hacker’ is improperly utilized in the significance of ‘computer system robber’ by some reporters. We, hackers, contradict such an analysis of it and continue to suggest the significance of ‘somebody who wants to program and enjoy it’

After checking out the above classifications, do you believe these individuals simply take pleasure in some casual software application advancement?

Once you go through the extensive registration procedure where you need to state why you wish to sign up with the online forum, and exactly what software application advancement abilities you desire and have to discover, you are approved access to this bonanza of illegal details.

For this short article, I’m going to focus mostly on the hacking and security sub-forum.

The first post I clicked to is: “How to get somebody’s physical address.” Not the most reassuring subject to start with, however here we are.

A video is published detailing a detailed procedure to reverse-query addresses, and cross-reference them versus other sites. The approach utilizes numerous websites such as and some credit check sites. (That’s as much info as I can provide without providing the guide myself.) Numerous users have a back-and-forth with one another, talking about the advantages and disadvantages of this technique, along with ways to make it more effective.

One user leaves an extensive dissection broadening on the present approach. It enables the criminal to utilize a phishing site to get the individual’s area through the wifi gain access to points around them. I cannot validate if this approach works, however the Russian users definitely appear to believe it does.

The next thread I ventured into is “The Grandfather’s Way of Hacking”, an eccentric title if I’ve ever seen one. Maybe my Russian-English equating software application is acting out, however I’ll take exactly what it offers me.

The user explains how individuals have a distorted view of hackers, how they hack remote computer systems in basements by just smashing their keyboard. They goes on to explain how the most convenient approach of penetration happens through understanding the IP address of the target computer system. Utilizing Shared Resources, you can quickly permeate the prepared walls of a PC. The simplest technique, nevertheless, is social engineering.

Social engineering, in regards to hacking, is when you utilize some smart psychology to make a member of a business trust you and bypass security procedure. A typical one is to call the consumer assistance of a business, and mask your number to simulate that of an internal contact number. You then play the fool and state you cannot access a site where you generally might have, which it’s essential to gain access to it for an upset customer.

You then provide the consumer assistance representative a connect to the site. The catch, is that you have actually made a phony site which has a Trojan all set to be transferred on to the representative’s computer system. The hacker then has access to the business’s internal network.

This thread offers terrific information in the best ways to bring this out, entering into a tutorial of ways to mask your telephone number, utilizing IP variety scanners, which Trojan infections to utilize, exactly what can be acquired as soon as you access the computer system and the best ways to get in, download whatever and go out as rapidly as possible.

It’s exceptionally extensive, and the other Russian users thank him kindly and comment about how succinct and helpful this chaos-wreaking technique is.

In 2016, a Turkish person hacked the Turkish federal government’s ID system and downloaded the nationwide ID, name, address, date of birth and mom and daddy’s name of 49.6 million residents. It was among the most significant tough leakages we have actually ever seen.

A member of this online forum took credit for it, and published connect to the download of the Turkish person’s info. I believe it’s real, evaluating from the user’s post history.

It’s remarkable to see how this neighborhood interacts to remove “western” systems and obtain turmoil and benefit from it. Normally, hackers in first-world nations are frightened to collaborate due to the multiplicative danger of a group being captured. In Russia, nevertheless, the authorities do not appear to care that these hackers are ruining the west. They are delegated their own gadgets, and many users on this online forum have actually been routine members for over 6 years.

A great deal of the info on this online forum is extremely distressing, even if a great deal of it is safe 15-year-olds attempting to be edgy and hack their good friend’s phones. In any case, it’s crucial to understand these neighborhoods exist. The dark underbelly of the web isn’t really going anywhere.

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