Meet The People Who Hate Mayo More Than Anyone

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Victor Lachin, an electrical engineer living in southern Mississippi, strongly remembers the very first time he attempted mayo as a kid.

The year was 1966, and he was having lunch at a buddy’ s home in the Lakefront location of New Orleans. The pal had “ a ham sandwich with white Bunny Bread, slathered with Blue Plate mayo, ” he informs me over Facebook Messenger. “ Asking me exactly what I would like, I reacted ‘ Peanut butter sandwich, ma’ am! ’ She abided by a good Bunny Bread sandwich and a glass of cold white milk.”

Lachin bit into the sandwich, anticipating a velvety, nutty taste to fill his mouth. Rather, “ Mayonnaise exuded out the side of the crusted bread, finishing my tongue and all senses with an oily, sulfur semi-liquid. … Gagging, I jumped from the cooking area table as her hate-filled babbling informed me to never ever return once again. I keep in mind the noise of a used corn broom chasing my bare feet out the back entrance. I climbed up the fence to obtain house. ” He was 5 or 6 years of ages, he reckons.

Victor Lachin is an active member of the I Hate Mayonnaise! Facebook group. He shares a terrible tale of a peanut butter sandwich made with mayo.

It’ s a memory that ’ s stuck with him his whole life. He explained a likewise terrible experience while participating in a Catholic school summertime camp. In a post from 2011, discovered within the I Hate Mayonnaise! Facebook group , it included getting the incorrect lunch from his mom (a sandwich slathered in mayo) and a nun who required him to consume it.

Of all the dressings out there, an intense hostility towards mayo is certainly the most widespread. It’ s among the most dissentious foods, on par with cilantro, blue cheese and coconut . The hatred for exactly what is basically emulsified egg yolks, oil and some kind of acid (normally lemon juice, or vinegar) goes beyond the courteous decreasing of a tuna sandwich: It’ s a force that bonds individuals, either as a convenience or, in some cases, a method to manage public mayo choices.

In current years, the web has actually done a lot for self-identifying mayo haters to feel linked. Facebook groups, anti-mayonnaise Facebook pages, Reddit online forums and other online neighborhood centers offer them with an arena where they can air their complaints versus the spread. Reporters versus mayo have released their views nationally. Non-Mayo-Eaters can even happily reveal their views through style .

While the majority of people can trace their mayo hatred back to a particular point when they initially tasted it and instantly disliked it, there is really a science to why it’ s so repulsive for some. The majority of it involves sensory concerns: How it looks, its consistency, even its temperature level (room-temperature goo, no thanks) all add to an avoidance of mayo at all expenses.

However, it’ s still among those foods that feels practically phobia-like.

“ I put on ’ t understand why I dislike mayo, ” Damara Hutchins, a signed up nurse from Florida, informs me. “ I have actually taken a look at the specific components and can discover no factor I abhor it a lot.”

Hutchins goes to excellent lengths to prevent even the tiniest trace of mayo. She’ ll grill individuals about “ suspicious products, ” and prevents most salad dressing (olive oil alone is completely great). Sandwiches are topped with mustard. She just utilizes catsup on hamburgers and french fries.

It’ s her Southern roots, nevertheless, that offer her the most difficulty. Duke’ s mayo, a dish established by Eugenia Duke throughout World War I, is a staple of Southern cooking.

Facebook/HuffPost Gabe Golan began the I Hate Mayonnaise! Facebook group and is now the group’s primary mediator.

“ Mayo resembles pudding, ” Hutchins stated in a message, going over the included pressure of handling member of the family who put on ’ t comprehend her distaste for mayo. “ They utilize it for deviled eggs, potato salad and fruit salad. ”

Her daddy utilized to consume banana sandwiches slathered in mayo and “ dip his french fries in mayo blended with catsup. ”

Her senses increased for the taste of mayo as she got older; among her stories included tasting mayo in a batch of biscuits her grandma made. The dish required one tablespoon of the things.

Both Lachin and Hutchins become part of the Facebook group I Hate Mayonnaise! It was established in 2015 by a group of pals who disliked mayo.

“ I began this group a number of years ago to see the quantity of fellow mayo haters, ” Gabe Golan, the group ’ s primary mediator, informs me. “ I was amazed to see the reaction. It genuinely warms my heart to see the quantity of mayo hate out there! ” The group has just 132 members, however they are extremely active and publish a couple of times a month.

“ Gabe and I were at an occasion speaking about our disgust for mayo, ” stated Catherine DeLauro, a buddy of Gabe ’ s and another administrator for the group. “ After a couple of beers, we chose to make the FB group. ”

Her sweetheart, who was likewise part of the discussion, developed his own (now defunct)Pro-Mayo group.“ They are my arch bane, ” DeLauro included.

The group has now end up being an online forum for those unified under the commonness, and it was included in a BuzzFeed post in 2016. Members publish videos and memes, posts or pictures of “ mayo problems ”(one post included a chocolate cake detailed video, with the caption, “ Who in the world chose to put Mayonnaise in cake? ”-RRB-. Members request cooking suggestions and usually sympathize over their hatred for mayo and how it impacts their lives.

When asked whythey dislike mayo a lot, group members fasted to respond:

“ It appears like pus. ”

“ The odor offers me migraines, and makes me wish to gag. ”

“ Most things in nature white in look that are not veggies are horrible and rotten. Sea Foam is white in color. Would you put sea foam onyour lunch? ”

I Hate Mayonnaise/Facebook This is the kind of post you’ll discover on the I Hate Mayonnaise! Facebook group page.

The Facebook group has actually shown to be enough for some, however others have actually taken more extreme steps in an effort to reveal the world how terrible mayo is.

Charles Memminger, a previous writer for the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, almost made a profession from vehement posts versus the dressing. In the 1980s, he produced the Worldwide I Hate Mayonnaise Club : “ This was prior to the web, so I needed to send by mail out whatever. … For 10 dollars, I ’d send out members the main certificate, a ‘ Just Say No Mayo ’ number sticker label and a decal. ” Eventually, individuals had the ability to download a certificate that represented their subscription. His site, , is not active, however his work has actually plainly influenced others. “ A Hawaii senator offered President Obama a copy of the certificate, makinged him a main member of the club. To this day I still think about President Obama among the couple of U.S. presidents with taste! ”

Craig Horwitz, a marketing supervisor from Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania, has actually likewise made it his life ’ s project to manage the dressing he declares “ has actually terrified many individuals worldwide. ” In 2014, in addition to fellow mayo-hater Tony Vollmer , he co-wrote, directed and produced a 64-minute movie, The Mayo Conspiracy . “ While looking into much deeper into the mayo market, I began discovering explosive info that was simply way too huge for my blog site, ” Horwitz informed me over e-mail.


His research study into exactly what he calls “ Big Mayo ”– Hellman ’ s, Best Foods, Duke ’ s, Miracle Whip (often ruled out to be mayo by perfectionists)and Kraft Mayo– offered him with product for his movie, that includes a history of modern-day mayo sales and conspiracies associated with the circulation of the item.

The Mayo Conspiracy even connects the dressing to Satanic routines. It ’ s not a far cry from how pop culture describes mayo, nevertheless; individuals feel so highly about mayo that it ’ s typically described as “ The Devil ’ s Condiment. ” It was among the most typical threads I found while talking to various groups of mayo haters and is typically how the food is referenced in anti-mayo posts discovered on the internet.


HuffPost Craig Horwitz co-wrote, directed and produced a 64-minute movie called The Mayo Conspiracy

So how do mayo haters browse within a world where mayo exists? It takes a great deal of work, that ’ s for sure. Many people turn to utilizing catsup or mustard on hamburgers and sandwiches.


“ When I make tuna or chicken salad in the house, I often utilize vinegar and oil rather of mayo, ” states Jeff Goldberg, a social employee from Passaic, New Jersey, and among the most active members of the I Hate Mayonnaise! Facebook group.

“ Sometimes I put grease with a dash of hot sauce on sandwiches. ”

Others won ’ t consume anything that has the appearance or consistency of mayo.

“ I do not consume anything consisting of mayo, aioli or looking like mayo, ” stated J. Johnston, creator of the International Anti-Mayonnaise Committee on Facebook. “ Creamy dressing is likewise a no-go. ”

Several others pointed out that white or velvety compounds(sour cream, yogurt, even avocado)in basic turn them off due to the fact that of their history with mayo. It ’ s specifically a battle for those on keto diet plans which frequently pack up on mayo and other fatty, velvety dressings as user Cinderkin voiced in a thread on Reddit .

It might be a battle for these folks in daily life, however for some, hope is available in the kind of stars who have actually been singing about their hatred of mayo.

President Barack Obama has no qualms about confessing he dislikes mayo; his individual assistant Reggie Love guaranteed it was no place to be discovered throughout his meals in his very first governmental project. Rachael Ray, a celeb chef with a hostility to mayo, has actually established her own dishes for mayo-free potato salad , tuna salad and coleslaw .

There ’ s no strategy in the works to do away with it entirely, however lots of have actually discovered convenience understanding they are not alone. Even Horwitz doesn ’ t desire it chosen great: “ It still boils down to a matter of individual option … it would be great if the procedure altered to requesting for the emulsion to be contributed to a sandwich instead of stating ‘ hold the mayo. ’ ”


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