Final ‘Walking Dead’ Twist Steals The Show In Rick Grimes’ Last Episode

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It’ s authorities. Rick Grimes rolled under the huge dumpster in the sky. Remarkably, Andrew Lincoln ’ s exit from “ The Walking Dead ” isn ’ t even the wildest thing to take place in the most current episode.

After news of Lincoln ’ s impending departure from the program dripped over the summertime, AMC started teasing the star ’ s last minutes with marketing discounts, videos and a psychological letter from Lincoln himself, assuring us that his time on the program had actually pertained to an end.

And it sort of did on Sunday night.

In his penultimate episode, Rick Grimes seemed impaled by a big piece of metal, stuck in location with zombies closing in. Thanks to many images and a teaser of the episodes ’ initially couple of minutes launched by AMC ahead of Sunday ’ s airing, we understood he ’d pulled himself off the metal bar with the assistance of his belt and led the zombie herds on a wild chase to the bridge the neighborhoods have actually been developing, all the while gushing blood all over.

Jackson Lee Davis/AMC [Vin Diesel voice]:” One last flight.”

When the complete episode aired, we enjoyed as Grimes was

gone to by the ghosts of “ Walking Dead ” past in 3 various visions on his mission to “ search for his household. ” Jon Bernthal ’ s Shane Walsh went back to offer Grimes motivation, Scott Wilson ’ s Hershel Greene urged the previously lost consciousness lead character to get up, and Sonequa Martin-Green ’ s Sasha showed up to describe to him that individuals never ever actually pass away.(She ’ s certainly taking poetic liberties here due to the fact that, huh, has she ever seen an episode of “ Walking Dead ”? Individuals pass away, a lot.)

Prior to the episode, we thought that shots from the San Diego Comic-Con trailer would anticipate how Grimes ’ closing efficiency would play out and we were right, even to the one last hallucination Rick experienced after he came to the bridge, which appeared to reveal the flickers of a rescue.

During the hallucination, Rick understands that the “ household ” he ’ s been searching for isn ’ t blood relation, like dead boy Carl( Chandler Riggs ). It ’ s his brand-new household, the other living survivors like Michonne( Danai Gurira )and Daryl(Norman Reedus).(I suggest, I might ’ ve most likely informed you that, guy. Do your thing. )

Rick snaps himself out of his fever dream and recognizes he ’ s got ta discover someway to takeout the herd of zombies prior to they wind up rolling through all the neighborhoods. The genuine, non-hallucinated Michonne, Daryl and other survivors appear in time to witness Grimes detonate some dynamite on the bridge, blowing himself and the taking place zombies to smithereens. The zombies and Rick all remove in popular water listed below.

And that, everybody, is completion of Rick Grimes.

Well, practically. Did you actually believe a basic surge could get Rick?

Just as Glenn(Steven Yeun)unbelievely rolled under a dumpster to prevent zombies back in Season 6, Rick in some way endures the surge and easily end up on the bank of a river near Jadis ( Pollyanna McIntosh ), who ’ s setting up a helicopter transportation at that extremely 2nd. She informs the helicopter pilot that Rick is a “ B ”(among theclassifications she utilizes for hostages she ’d like to utilize in a trade with the helicopter group )which he ’ s terribly harmed and requires aid.

And so the helicopter pilot accepts Rick and they all fly away … and live gladly ever after, we ’d presume? That ’ s how Sheriff Rick Grimes, aka the Ricktator, aka the throat biter, aka the main character in “ Walking Dead ” leaves the program. Rick doesn ’ t pass away.

In truth, he may not even be gone that long. On “ Talking Dead ” following the program, Scott Gimple , the “ Walking Dead ” primary content officer, stated AMC is going to make initial Rick Grimes films. What does that even imply? Time will inform.

Now, back to this episode. At this moment, the very best part of the program was yet to come.

After the helicopter flies off, some brand-new survivors appear on the program, and they ’ re having a bumpy ride averting zombies. Ultimately, they ’ re conserved by some do-gooder shooting simply enough undead for them to get away. Wait. What ’ s this? A gun-and-sword-toting preteen lady? “ What ’ s your name? ” they ask. The woman places on a stetson.

“ Judith … Judith Grimes, ” she responds.

She may too have actually stated, “ Bond … James Bond. ” Because here ’ s what ’ s going on: That ’ s starlet Cailey Fleming. Unidentified to the audience, the program has actually leapt ahead in time numerous years. Judith Grimes is obviously now continuing her household ’ s tradition.

Fleming played young Rey in “ Star Wars : Episode VII, ” so can we state the young Jedi ’ s household origin story resolved?(Her papa is Rick Grimes! Or, technically Shane , however that ’ s neither here nor there.)Actually, it ’ s too quickly to inform how the program will really move on from Lincoln ’ s character. A minimum of we understand the Force is with it.


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