‘Captain Marvel’ After Credits Scene May Hint At ‘Avengers’ Theory

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Warning! There are “ Captain Marvel ” spoilers listed below. Certainly.

We understand Captain Marvel is among the greatest characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, however does she likewise have the incredibly trick capability to end up being undetectable in motion picture marketing products?

With the release of “ Captain Marvel , ” and more particularly the film ’ s after credits scene, we understand how Brie Larson ’ s character is linked to the upcoming “ Avengers: Endgame. ” In the scene, a few of the survivors from “ Avengers: Infinity War ” Captain America(Chris Evans), Black Widow(Scarlett Johansson), War Machine(Don Cheadle)and Bruce Banner(Mark Ruffalo) all huddle around the mystical pager Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson)triggered prior to he vanished after Thanos (Josh Brolin) snapped his fingers and eliminated half deep space. The signal Fury sent out on the pager has actually now stopped, and the gang of heroes doesn ’ t understand what to do.

“ Tell me the 2nd you get a signal. I wish to know who ’ s on the other end of that thing, ” states Black Widow, who reverses to see Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers in some way standing there and gazing her in the face.

“ Where ’ s Fury? ” states Danvers.

The scene, beyond demonstrating how Captain Marvel lastly coordinate with the Avengers(which the Avengers seriously require to think of their structure security), might likewise validate another Marvel trick: The studio is tinkering us.

Since the after credits scene reveals Captain Marvel is with the Avengers, it ’ s possible she was covertly modified out of the formerly launched “ Avengers: Endgame ” teaser.

Marvel frequently controls its trailers and teasers to conceal tricks from audiences. It ’ s sort of their thing. The studio eliminated Spider-Man from early trailers for “ Captain America: Civil War . ” So when the “ Avengers: Endgame ” teaser premiered throughout the Super Bowl and included some curious spaces in between characters, fans took notification.

Two minutes stuck out. The blank area in between Cheadle and Ruffalo when the Avengers look up towards the sky in this scene:

Marvel and Disney

OK, so did Don Cheadle simply forget his antiperspirant that day, or could Captain Marvel covertly be standing there?

All the characters in the “ Captain Marvel ” after credits scene likewise appear above, minus Captain Marvel, naturally. In the after credit scene, Captain America is still sporting his bearded appearance from “ Infinity War, ” suggesting it most likely takes place soon after the occasions of that motion picture. In the scene above, he ’ s tidy shaven, so probably Captain Marvel currently had contact with the Avengers prior to this minute occurs.

Knowing Captain Marvel ultimately meets the Avengers, she might likewise have actually been modified from another clip that captured the attention of hawk-eyed audiences : the superhero power-walk scene.

Fans have actually been hypothesizing that a space towards completion of the line is a location for Bruce Banner ’ s Hulk(perhaps the more smart Professor Hulk ). Understanding about the “ Captain Marvel ” credits scene, it ’ s possible she ’ s expected to be in there someplace, too.

Endgame TELEVISION Spot reveals Hawkeye/Ronan with the Avengers when enhanced brightness &frame by frame.(Behind Rhodes) from marvelstudios

Following the release of the “ Endgame ” teaser,

I connected to forensic video professional Ed Primeau , who you may have seen on CNN analyzing Donald Trump and Michael Cohen audio tapes. Primeau stated you can ’ t clinically discuss if a character has actually been eliminated from the scenes through YouTube videos due to the fact that those files have actually been compressed and do not have the needed metadata. He did concur that there was a possibility characters were eliminated.

“ There ’ s property there. Maybe if I was doing a production … there would be a little bit various structure. ”

Primeau stopped short of stating there ’ s a “ high degree of possibility, ” which is the greatest viewpoint he might offer, however included, “ There ’ s absolutely a possibility that there was something there and they chose to eliminate it in order to keep atrick with the movie. ”

The “ Captain Marvel ” after credits scene includes additional credence to that possibility.

Additionally, Disney apparently revealed brand-new video of “ Endgame ” at an investors conference on Thursday that verifies Captain Marvel is absolutely in the world and assisting the Avengers . Here ’ s a description of the informing Carol Danvers minute, which apparently occurs at Avengers head office and in some way likewise consists of Nebula according to Comicbook.com :

The video footage begins with the Avengers being in the space at the Avengers substance we saw in the very first teaser and Captain Marvel(Brie Larson)remains in

presence. Nebula (Karen Gillan)discusses that she believes Thanos would go to “ the garden ” after he finished his strategy.

Captain Marvel speaks out and informs the group they require to go there and utilize the stones to reverse whatever.

Look, possibly the Avengers much like standing awkwardly far apart like every day is their 8th grade

dance, or possibly, simply possibly, Thanos remains in for a huge surprise thanks to the latest member of the group.



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