Buckle-free belt becomes Amazon ‘best-seller’ despite missing seemingly important feature

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Many consumers have actually raved about the belt online — discussing why they choose a buckle-less belt.

“Silly, I understand however l LOVE this belt. I work as a custodian (woman) and with this belt my trousers remain in location all night. I am continuously flexing over, sweeping &&mopping floorings, fluctuating stairs &&raising heavy products. My trousers never ever slip or move. Belt get used to accommodate a big variety of waist sizes. Highlight is not having a belt buckle that gets captured on item or obstructs the method. I am preparing to purchase more for every single day usage, they likewise look and are comfy,” one customer composed.

“This is an amazing concept for a belt. I constantly do not like how a belt buckle makes my waist look larger. This resolves that problem. An included bonus offer, no undoing a belt when going to the restroom! A belt buckle is consisted of in case you require one for a celebration. Love this!” another composed.


“I’ve been trying to find a belt like this. I’m sick of little holes in the front of my t-shirts from belt buckles therefore I began placing the belt on my side to prevent this – didn’t like that either. I’m thankful to have actually discovered this style. I’ve attempted it and like it. My tummy looks flatter too since the frustrating buckle does not protrude,” a 3rd included.

But the device hasn’t won over everybody who has actually acquired it. Some stated they require more persuading prior to dedicating to a buckle-free belt.

“It will rip the belt loops off your trousers if you make it tight sufficient to in fact hold your trousers on in the very first location. A belt loop is not a load bearing accessory point. It’s not suggested to be pulled on,” a 1-star customer declared. “Put this on in the early morning, I actually liked it, however at the end of the day my denims were plainly not withstanding this regularly. They appear to acknowledge this by promoting the clasp. ‘Clasp’ is another word for ‘buckle’ which mainly beats the point of a no-buckle belt, does not it. Intriguing idea, however does not operate in the real life.”

“It works and doesn’ t trouble me at all however after their very first usage I can predict an inevitable issue. My belts loops will rip ultimately. I connected an image to reveal. Even at the loosest setting that makes this belt purposeless, it moves the loops. I need to tighten it to tighten it at the waist … so it truly moves the loops. I wouldn’ t purchase this belt once again,” a female, who offered the product 2 stars, commented.


“It’s a fantastic idea, however a bad construct. The size adjustor has 2 sharp metal points on it. When the belt flights over the waist of my touches and denims my skin, these dreadful little metal spikes scratch the heck out of my back,” a 3rd declared.

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