Artist Creates A Comic To Show How Wrong The Im Not Like The Other Girls Attitude Really Is

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Julie Hang has actually constantly been drawing animations. Since she was a youngster. There’ s something else that Julie had actually devoted a lot of her more youthful days to. Alienating herself from others and justifying to herself that it’ s ok due to the fact that she ’ s “ not like the other women. ”

“ I was a shy, distressed kid, and had a tough time making good friends, ” Julie informed Bored Panda . “ Instead of acknowledging my stress and anxiety and attempting to conquer it, I’d believed there should be something that separated me from other ladies. Reading ‘ me vs. other women ’ comics online verified those unfavorable sensations and stereotypes I had towards other ladies, and made me seem like it was the ‘ cool ’ thing to do. ”

“ I ended up being presumptive and judgmental towards my peers, classifying other ladies into stereotypes prior to I even was familiar with them, ” the artist stated. “ I made such a point of keeping away from those stereotypes that I didn’ t let myself experience things that I believed ‘ other women ’ enjoyed, consisting of ‘ girly ’ things like shopping, dressing up, and getting your nails done — things that I later on discovered I in fact delight in doing!”

However, as time went by, Julie established not just as an artist, however as an individual. She started to recognize that bitterness doesn ’ t cause anything great. “ Meeting more individuals and being familiar with them assisted open my world view, specifically when I participated in summertime camp in high school and, later on, art school. ”

“ It was a blank slate for everybody, which provided me the choice to let go of all of those classifications and those stereotypes towards “ other ladies ” that I had actually kept for so long. I did simply that. What followed might just be referred to as a surprise — I had actually been setting myself apart from the very individuals I felt I belonged with the most. There was a lot I shared with ‘ other ladies ’! I made long-lasting good friends from a range of interests and backgrounds who are intense, amusing, caring, kind — ladies who are distinct in their own method!”

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Looking back, Julie stated that social seclusion actually impacted her. “ When you ’ re young and still attempting to find out who you are, the something you truly wish to have is uniqueness. There are great deals of healthy methods to find yourself, like signing up with a club where you can fulfill individuals with comparable interests. There is the ‘ I ’ m not like other women ’ style online that interacts that you are undoubtedly special, however does so by putting other ladies down. ”

However, she effectively eliminated this harmful frame of mind and has a lot choosing her. Having actually finished from Otis College of Art &&Design with a significant in Animation, Julie’ s now a movement designer at Part IV, a digital marketing firm. When she’ s not motion-designing, she likes to draw comics, style characters, do painting research studies … basically anything you can see on her Instagram .

She likewise thinks that the pattern of “ relatable ” woman comics is gradually altering for the much better. “ In current years, I’ ve felt as though webcomics are headed in a more inclusive and favorable instructions, with much deeper significances and factor to consider for their readers, and I’ m more than pleased to be adding to that motion, ” the artist included.

Here’ s what individuals stated about Julie’ s comic and the entire “ I ’ m not like the other ladies ” subject in basic

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