6-foot snake slithers down Texas man’s chimney, ‘clunks’ into fireplace

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A black rat snake rests in a tree.(iStock)

A Texas male examining a loud”clunk”originating from his chimney on Sunday was frightened to discover a 6-foot snake gazing back at him from behind the glass.

Gary Antley, of Lufkin, discovered the snake around 2:38 a.m.– simply as he will visit bed. Antley got a set of tongs to eliminate the snake, determined as a non-venomous rat snake, from his house.

“I go from moderate mannered simply travelling through, I skip the panic phase and I go tidy to,’Oh God exactly what do I do!? ‘”Antley explained his idea procedure to KETK-TV.


Antley recorded his bold snake elimination objective, pointing a video camera towards the fireplace where he meticulously opened the moving glass doors. Keeping a safe range, Antley utilized the tongs to get the snake’s neck and pull the reptile from the soot.

“I simply gritted my teeth and I went all out, entered there and got him by the neck,” Antley informed the news station. “Well absolutely nothing regrettable occurred then he got tangled up in the fire drape.”

A bold Antley then utilized his hand to release the snake’s body from the drape and effectively pull it from the fireplace. Later, he dropped it into a container and closed the cover.

” I might not sleep for a week now,”Antley confessed on Facebook , sharing a minute-long video of his snake encounter. Countless individuals viewed the video and lots left remarks for the Texas male.


“Aw, such a charming little small snake! I reside in Florida. We have pythons! Those get BIG! Wish to go to and come?”one Floridian asked.

“Umm, I’m Never coming by once again. Geez!”a buddy joked.

“Aw, it’s simply a rat snake. He will not harm anyone,”another included.

“Tell that to the household of chimney sweeper in his tummy. He did me a service and for that I am grateful. I will move him here in a bit,”Antley responded.

Antley securely launched the snake back into the wilderness a couple of miles far from his house.

The Texas rat snake is a non-venomous reptile that’s typically discovered in North Texas. The biggest rat snake ever tape-recorded in the location was 7.2 feet long, inning accordance with the Amphibian and Reptile Diversity Research Center .

“Texas rat snakes are exceptional climbers and there have actually been periodic reports of Texas rat snakes climbing up the sides of brick walls on structures,”the center discusses on its site .”This can be the outcome of the snake discovering the existence of rodents, which frequently look for shelter in attics.”

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