500-pound goliath grouper eats shark as shocked Florida fishermen watch: ‘He just sucked it in’

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Caught on video: Massive grouper consumes shark

Everglades Fishing Company catches video of a shark getting consumed by a big grouper.

There’s a factor goliath groupers are called the waste disposal unit of the sea — they consume whatever in sight, consisting of sharks obviously.

A group of anglers had the ability to witness a 500-pound grouper’s “unusual” meal throughout a fishing expedition off the coast of Everglades City, Florida, recently.

Captain Jimmy Wheeler with Everglades Fishing Company saw as somebody in his group captured a 3-foot shark. As the angler began reeling the animal in, a big shadow appeared. Wheeler immediately understood exactly what was going to occur next.

“Watch this. You people are going to flip out,” Wheeler alerted.

“He simply drew it in. I do not keep in mind ever seeing anything this insane.”

– Michelle Wheeler

Suddenly, an open-mouthed huge goliath grouper swam up and gulped the 3-foot-long shark down.


“He simply drew it in,” Michelle informed Fox News, clarifying that she didn’t witness the scene face to face. “I do not keep in mind ever seeing anything this insane.”

The anglers battled with the big fish for a couple of minutes till the line lastly loosened up and the goliath grouper spit out the shark, which the anglers prepared to launch and capture.

“That very same grouper later on swallowed a stingray — or manta ray,” Michelle remembered her other half informing her.” [Goliath groupers] have actually ended up being an annoyance, inning accordance with a great deal of anglers. They’re consuming whatever.”

Goliath groupers have actually been safeguarded in the state of Florida because 1990 due to decreasing populations. If they are unintentionally captured on a fishing line, they should be right away returned to the ocean (unhurt).


“Large goliath groupers ought to be left in the water throughout release. The skeletal structure of big goliath grouper can not sufficiently support their weight from the water without some kind of damage,” the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) advises on its site . “If a big goliath is brought on-board a vessel or from the water, it is most likely to sustain some type of internal injury and for that reason be thought about gathered.”

Formerly referred to as a “jewfish,” goliath groupers can mature to 8 feet long and weigh about 800 pounds. They are usually determined by their big mouths and dark striped bodies.

“We snorkel and see they’ll simply pass a fish and draw it in. They’re substantial. They didn’t get that method from not consuming,” Michelle joked.

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