35 Incredible Transformations That Show How Ordinary People Can Dramatically Improve Their Looks

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We transform every day. Slowly. The ones who walk into stylist Konstantin Bogomolov’s studio, however, undergo such rapid makeovers, it’s hard to believe they’re the same people who walked in.

These before and after pics are just as impressive as the ones we’ve featured in our earlier post about Konstantin and his students. Together, they invite all kinds of people to become their models, and accept everyone from students to seniors. They craft each look for the particular person they’re working on and the results are nothing short of amazing. Scroll down to check ’em out!

#1 Lidia, 43, Accountant

#2 Lyudmila And Tamara, 65, Twin Sisters, Dentists

#3 Svitlana, 37, University Teacher

#4 Mairita, 36, Operator

#5 Nikolay, 31, Freelance Designer

#6 Jolanta, 39, Postal Operator

#7 Brigita, 36, Housewife

#8 Yuliya, 41, Accountant

#9 Ilona, 47, School Teacher

#10 Alina, 48, Operator

#11 Elvira, 36, Housewife

#12 Galina, 68, Nuclear Physicist

#13 Natalia, 41, Housewife

#14 Inga, 50, Doctor

#15 Anna, 34, Manager

#16 Daria, 35, Marketing Director

#17 Zhanar, 40, Event Agency Director

#18 Elena, 52, Accountant

#19 Irina, 42, Interior Designer

#20 Loreta, 55, Bioenergetics Consultant

#21 Pavel, 30, Photographer

#22 Irena, 65, Retired

#23 Tatyana, 46, Manager

#24 Elena, 40, Youth Center Employee

#25 Jūratė, 42, Florist

#26 Vilma, 50, Manager

#27 Tatyana, 53, Pensioner

#28 Natalia, 38, School Teacher

#29 Jolanta, 53, Entrepreneur

#30 Asel, 33, Housewife

#31 Mikhail, 48, Actor

#32 Daiva, 38, Financial Consultant

#33 Larisa, 58, Entrepreneur

#34 Mila, 54, Entrepreneur

#35 Natalia, 38, Schoolteacher

Read more: http://www.boredpanda.com/before-after-makeover-stylist-konstantin-bogomolov/

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