30 Hilarious Times This Guy With A Name Customer Support Trolled Clueless Customers

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Social media has become a big deal for businesses – most customers are online in places like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and can easily be reached with a simple post or private message. However, sometimes the convenience of reaching large amounts of people all at once has it’s downsides – as you will see in this post!

The Amazing Troll-Man, a UK-based comedian also known as Wesley Metcalfe, loves nothing more with messing with big companies. His method is simple: he has a Facebook account under the name ‘Customer Support.’ He visits the pages of various companies, changing his profile picture to match them, and proceeds to interact with customers in a hilariously funny and often rude way. The customers, shocked by the cheek of Wesley’s ‘customer service,’ usually react with a righteous outrage that only adds to the hilarity.

Can’t imagine what I mean? Scroll down below to see The Amazing Troll Man in action for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!


Bored Panda spoke to The Amazing Troll Man himself, and he was kind enough to give us his origin story. “A few years ago I wrote a post that went viral,” he explained, gazing moodily into the distance whilst puffing on his pipe. “It was a satire post about about an old school yard prank. Seeing so many people laugh at what I had written was a good feeling.”

“Then, a couple of years later, I bought a cucumber from a supermarket called Tesco here in the UK. On opening the cucumber I discovered a dead worm trapped inside the cellophane wrapper. I decided to write a jokey complaint to Tesco on Facebook. At first I got the standard responses from their marketing team so I kept pushing them until a guy called Rob jumped in to have a bit of banter with me. The post quickly went viral. Every publication in the uk gave it a mention and it reached RTL tv in Germany. If you search William the Worm on Google you will see all the articles.”

“Once again it was a great feeling amusing so many people online. This was in 2016.” 


“Fast forward to 2018 I suffered with a mental breakdown. I was hit with anxiety and depression. I had never felt so low in my life. It took me nearly a year to pick myself up. Everyone was so surprised to see the joker of the pack fall to his knees.”

Troll-Man had reached his nadir and just knew he had to start doing things he was passionate about to get himself back on his feet… one of those things was making people laugh. 

“I decided to start a spoof customer support page. I knew that the format of banter between a big company and a customer worked from my past viral. But I needed to be the customer support to ensure that banter could exist. So I set up the spoof profile.” 

“Shortly after setting up my page I would get messages from people in America asking my to change their passwords etc. I assume in a frustrated state they would type customer support in the search bar and hey presto they’re through to me. One lady asked me to change her password on her casino account. You can see this post on my page, it’s pinned at the top. It’s how I got my logo and chose the name the Amazing Troll Man… the mask looks similar to spider man you see.”


“My trolls have gathered a lot of attention. They’ve been shared by celebs and big pages on Facebook Twitter and Instagram.”

“One that really got noticed was when I took down a bigot on Marks and Spencer’s page.”

“From time to time I get the odd ban and blocks, but it’s less than you’d think. I can’t help but think the companies quite like my work as it makes people laugh and doesn’t necessarily put them in a bad light. I say the things they wish they could.”


“I am selective on which complaints I choose to respond to. I never pick on the average person with a simple issue, I choose those that tend to be unnecessarily angry. My aim is to put them in their place a little while making others laugh. I also hope they’ll take a step back and look at the situation and realize that they don’t need to take life so seriously.”

It’s not all about justice for the unnecessarily angry though, although Troll-Man enjoys a wind up as much as anyone. He does also like to diffuse the situation, and turn angry customers into laughing ones. “Being a troll is all about getting people to react,” he told us. “In the past, trolls have tried to get the reaction to be that of anger…. that’s not me. The only reaction I want to bring out is laughter. If I can get people laughing my job is done.”


Troll-Man is currently working on a book about his experiences, which he told us will be titled “Your friendly neighbourhood troll.” He has also had interest from various companies since starting the page, wanting to use his services for copywriting, social media communications and the like. His humor is clearly making an impact!

“I think companies can learn from my posts… not all of them but some,” he concluded sagely, knocking out the ash from his pipe and donning his cape for the next adventure. Who is next to feel the wrath of Troll-Man’s biting wit? Only time will tell.
















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