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Gary Vee on the future of digital marketing and talking to machines

LOS ANGELES, CA – JULY 31: Gary Vaynerchuk attends WORLDZ Cultural Marketing Summit 2017 , California. (Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for PTTOW!)Image: Getty Images for PTTOW! Gary Vaynerchuk and his agency VaynerMedia are already known for dominating and owning social media. But now they’re turning their attentions to Voice […]

Facebook is more dangerous than ever. You can make it stop

Cambridge Analytica'' s ceo Alexander Nix. His company just recently discovered itself in the spotlight for misrepresenting itself and collecting information from countless Facebook users to assist the Trump project/ AFP PHOTO/ PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA Image: AFP/Getty Images Remember the Marlboro Man? He was a hot vision of the […]

This heartwarming ad from Apple may be the most adorable video you see all day.

Prepare yourself, because a new ad campaign from the marketing wizards at Apple may leave you a sniffling mess. The four short spots for Apple in Australia briefly capture the weddings and first dances of real same-sex couples. The ads are all set to a Courtney Barnett cover of the […]

Europe’s New Privacy Law Will Change the Web, and More

Consumers have long wondered simply exactly what Google and Facebook learn about them, and who else can gain access to their individual information . Web giants have little reward to offer straight responses — even to easy concerns like, “ Why am I being revealed this advertisement? ” On May […]

Seo Minwoo, member of K-pop boyband 100%, dies aged 33

The Korean vocalist, discovered unresponsive in your home in Seoul, supposedly passed away after entering into heart attack Seo Minwoo of commemorated Minwoo’s assistance for LGBTQ rights . . . A post shared by SHINee diva Kim Jong-hyun passed away in December. Read more:

This celeb’s video gave 5 solutions to end gun violence. None of them included gun reform.

Image via Jake Paul/YouTube. It’s going to take a lot more than one YouTube video to end school shootings. But it appears that Logan Paul’s brother Jake was willing to take the first step. While Logan Paul made headlines for uploading an insensitive video featuring a dead man hanging in […]

Trolls Tell Curvy Woman She Does Not Deserve A 6-Pack Husband, And Her Response Is The Best

Jenna and her spouse Drew have actually been wed for 11 years and are deeply in love. Jenna is a gorgeous, effective and healthy lady, and Drew is a caring hubby and physical fitness and health coach. Drew’ s refined body from his days in the health club does, Jenna […]

Lindsay Lohan Now Joking About Her Rap Sheet To Hawk Legal Services

So who much better than the “ Mean Girls ” star to shill for a legal resource site? “ But when they asked me to be their representative, I was fascinated, &rdquo ; she stated. “ After consulting with the group, I recognized is practically assisting individuals. From getting […]

Trump calls for death penalties for drug dealers as focus of opioids plan

Trumps policy rollout concentrates on penalty for traffickers and dealerships however does not propose brand-new legislation to fight the crisis Donald Trump contacted Monday for some drug dealerships to get the capital punishment in a brand-new opioids policy rollout in New Hampshire, a state hard struck by the nationwide a […]

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