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If you handle to make your method past coronavirus Twitter, you’ll observe that individuals are discussing something called Tiger King. The brand-new Netflix docuseries that follows Oklahoma-based, eccentric, freely gay tiger breeder and zookeeper Joe Exotic (not his federal government name) has actually been taking the web by storm, and for great factor: it is the quarantine diversion all of us require.

Everything about this documentary is so wonderfully American in all the manner ins which America can be horrible– however like, in a mainly enjoyable method, and not a “our nation is so f * cked systemically that we ought to perhaps think about burning it to the ground and going back to square one” manner in which the present pandemic has actually exposed. Back when America was garbage even if it was trashy, and its residents were trashy, and not since it was an actual flaming stack of waste: this is the America of Tiger King. When a random person in Oklahoma might purchase a couple of tigers, hire a regional kid from a neighboring public school to teach him magic techniques so he might bring a lot of tigers to numerous shopping malls throughout the nation and juggle programs with them– those were the excellent old days. When the very same person might choose to run for president, and after that ultimately guv, in spite of having no experience (or contended winning, tbh). It’s plastic sequins on a stetson used to an unscripted intoxicated wedding event in Vegas: that’s the America we get in Tiger King.

Picture this: Three white individuals (all blonde, to differing degrees of credibility). All living in the South (Oklahoma, Florida, and South Carolina). All running their own personal zoos, total with tigers and other huge felines, and feuding with each other. Hold up, you can do that? Yeah, I didn’t understand either. Obviously, you can simply straight-up purchase a tiger to keep as an animal , and this is the kicker, if you’re in among the following states: North Carolina, Alabama, Delaware, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Carolina, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. As far as Florida goes, you can’t have a tiger as a family pet, however their ownership laws are (not shockingly if you understand anything about Florida) relatively simple to prevent.

Obviously, the reality that you can simply purchase a tiger to own as a family pet is not enjoyable. Neither is the lovely widespread animal abuse that is blatantly placed on display screen, basically unattended (the manufacturers reveal that it’s bad, instead of informing, and the only individual who regularly explains the abuse is likewise participating in some less-than-optimal treatment of animals herself). If you can get past that, the cast of insane white individuals in numerous southern states supplies the ideal background to the real-life soap opera that takes place. And it’s the precise train wreck all of us require to sidetrack us from the present high-speed train wreck that is life.

Without ruining excessive, Tiger King provides the very best of every real criminal activity documentary or docuseries out there, and beguiles it. It’s much more WTF-inducing than Abducted in Plain Sight. It’s got more weaves than The Jinx. To take a page from Stephon’s playbook, this documentary has whatever: suits. Prison time. FBI informants. A missing out on individuals case. Cover-ups. Drugs. Which’s not even the half of it.

And the very best part? Tiger King prevents the very same mistake to which lots of Netflix documentaries fall victim (taking a look at you, Making A Murderer season 2, or must I state, the Steven Avery propaganda maker): it does not promote a winner. In a cast of 3 primary characters (Joe Exotic, Doc Antle, and Carole Baskin), nobody is completely innocent, and nobody exists as “The Good One” due to the fact that they all have their minutes of shadiness. Tiger King is a f * cking wild flight, similar to a meth journey (I ‘d envision, I can’t state from experience), and when it ends and you crash, you’ll be considering it for days.

In truth, I’m still thinking of it. I’ve still got a great deal of concerns. If I have not persuaded you to binge the entire series, do it now, and after that return, since I desire you to enjoy it, and I actually do not wish to ruin it. Which I will be doing listed below. Here’s a non-comprehensive list of all the concerns this docuseries left me with.

Is That Really Joe’s Singing Voice In All The Music Videos?

There’s no other way it’s possible. No f * cking method. I can’t be the only one who believes this.

What Happened To Mario Tabraue?

Positioned as a real-life Tony Montana in episode 2, this man was f * cking wild. (To be clear, extremely frightening and hazardous, however likewise, wonderful tv.) I might enjoy an entire series simply on him. What took place to Tabraue, and why did they just bring him up in one episode, never ever to be spoken with once again? I hope he gets a spin-off.

Is Jeff Lowe Going To Jail?

Probably among the sketchiest individuals to ever exist, Jeff Lowe appeared to be on the edge of a federal takedown by the time Tiger King ended. What the hell occurred with that? Is it clever for a federal district attorney to inform documentarians that she is checking out different individuals? Appears like it would be inexpedient to tip off a lot of thought crooks that you are looking into them? What do I understand.

Did Joe Really Think He Would Become Governor?

Or was he running for sh * laughs and ts and to get the additional promotion? He can’t have believed he would win?

Is Doc Antle Still Running A Sex Cult?

If he wound up in a NXIVM-style bust next year, I would not be the tiniest bit stunned. I’ve likewise got to question simply what all these women are seeing there. Why is it never ever attractive guys running the sex cults?

Did Carole Kill Her Husband?

She did? Costa Rica? Begin.

Would I Take A Picture With A Baby Tiger?

Sadly, my most instant takeaway from the docuseries was simply how adorable tiger cubs are. And yes, I understand that cuddling them is bad. I totally comprehend that! I was likewise simply doing a reasonable evaluation of myself and questioning, “would I take an image with one of these little people if offered the opportunity?” And I need to state that prior to viewing this documentary, I most likely would have. A minimum of now I understand much better.

How Is Joe Doing?

I’m sort of concerned for him, men. I can just hope he’s leading his own little cult in jail.

What Was With That Jet Ski Shot?

You understand the one I’m discussing. It was, possibly, the shining minute in the whole series.

Are Joe And Dylan Still Married?

I presume Joe would have like, 600 marital relationship propositions by now if they are not still together.

What Is Howard’s Deal?

Watching the documentary, I could not believe however assist that Howard is, well, sort of a dweeb. He’s a severe ride-or-die for Carole (and, provided particular theories put forth in the documentary, that might be rather actual). And I simply wish to know why? Likewise, how can I discover my own Howard?

What About All The Other Animals At The Zoos?

In addition to the huge felines, Joe likewise had chimpanzees, bears, and a lot of other animals. (At one point, you see like, 6 little pets running around.) Why weren’t they offered any attention?

What Makes Carole Any Better Than Joe Or Doc?

This is the concern that keeps me up during the night. Aside from smart marketing and an evident proficiency of Search Engine Optimization, at the end of the day, is Carole truly saving any tigers? Are any of them assisting animals at all? Or is it simply a money grab?

Images: Courtesy of Netflix; Joe Exotic TELEVISION / Youtube

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